75ml RMB630

The full fruits shone in the sun, and the petals were full of crystal dewdrops that cater to the natural scenery of the leaves and the grass -long warbler. Psalm, letting people feel the vitality of nature like immersive. In the sunny summer, the breathfulness of the body and mind is full of every corner. These atmosphere evokes the sense of peace of people, as if starting an adventure in the tropical, or endless reveries in the air garden.

Just like being in the garden, in 2015, the new flower and water -whisper of Jiaolan in France -citrus green tea, which is inspired by the fragrance of green tea, based on sweet floral fragrance, mixed with jasmine and bergamot, and then added fresh citrus citrus Fragrance, refreshing. The fifth -generation perfumers of Guerlain France uses extraordinary raw materials to enhance the green tea fragrance with extraordinary genius: borne and jasmine with extraordinary genius. Greatly enhanced the fragrance of tea, allowing people to relax instantly, but full of energy.

In order to make the perfume more vividly show the soul of the flowers and plants and water, the fragranceist Thierry Wasser also went to Karabria to find a bergamot with a representative French Guerlain. This bergamot is a Japanese citrus plant. It has stimulating effects and can greatly enhance the aroma of grapefruit and grapefruit. At the same time, it also has a pleasant fragrance. Add the precious fructic vegetarian flowers that are specially sought and planted in southern Italy, as well as sexy and soft violet fragrances, which make the new flowers and plants (citrus green tea) in the scent of fragrant perfume (citrus green tea) in southern Italy. It can last for a few hours.

徜徉在花园中的清香 牵手2015花草水语淡香水

When you are in this natural and fresh perfume, you can easily appreciate its tranquility and elegance, and it seems that jasmine flowers are scattered on the green leaves. Its light blue texture highlights the extremely fresh texture, as clear as the blue lake. Sniffing this vibrant and peaceful fragrance, you seem to have entered a world of meditation.

In terms of appearance design, this perfume continues the consistent simple style of flowers and plants, using a white printed box, and decorated with the iconic bee in Guerlain in France, elegant and plain.

Since 1999, Jiaolan, France, has innovated this eternal theme perfume every year and praised colorful nature. Among the 32 flowers and plants and perfumes launched in the past, four have become classic perfumes of Guerlain in France:

Grapefruit pale perfume, flower fruit incense

徜徉在花园中的清香 牵手2015花草水语淡香水

: This dynamic and rich perfume is mainly used with grapefruit fragrance, and at the same time integrates the fragrance of bergamot, orange leaf and black vinegar chestnut buds. Later, the existence of patchouli and vanilla shows the ultimate sexy.

Mint green grass pale perfume, fresh citrus tone

: This refreshing refreshing perfume has the forefront of fresh citrus and Italian lemon fragrance. Middle tone is composed of Dutch mint and green tea. The rear -tune is the fragrance of the plants of the valley and cherry blossoms.

Citrus Laile

: Fusion of vibrant citrus aroma and fresh Raul incense with a little fennel breath, bringing a fresh sense of fluttering. Add energy and orange flavor full of energy, fresh and comfortable.

Tropical lime light perfume, tropical lime fragrance

: This exotic perfume combines lemon and citrus aroma. The rear adjustment is the mixed incense of the Kailinna cocktail, tropical lime, fig and fragrant bean.