How can we prevent the wallet from being too thick when making a wallet?

What is the commonly used leather thickness (endothelial-oscanic-card position) when making long and short wallets?

For example, when we make long wallets, we often encounter such problems:


Two skin bonding will be too thick, especially when making special skin, in terms of practicality and beauty, it should be made with thinner skin.

But there is a difference between thin leather edge method or cutting and other processes compared to thick skin, so how should we overcome it?


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If the structure of the wallet with more complicated structure and more functions, the main method of controlling the overall thickness is: under the premise of ensuring sufficient strength, toughness, and hardness, the thickness of each part of the internal part (mainly card position) can be used The thinnest can be achieved.


There is a relatively fixed paradigm for the thickness of the skin and the internal subject.

Taking the most common T -shaped card position as an example, the thickest thickness should not exceed 1mm, and the bottom layer part should not exceed 0.5mm as much as possible.

In terms of material matching, the density of the single -layer vegetable tanned hard choice is as high as possible. The double -layer leather to the bottom of the paste should shovel to the thickness below 0.3mm -the leather is too thin and the leather is not enough to assist thin reinforced materials.


The back of the card position is thin and strong and strong, but the details at the junction of different materials must be handled clean and neat; if there are too many card positions, the T -shaped card position is too much. – Also pay attention to the details of different materials.

Can the material be too thin? Learn the skills of beautiful folding edges and edging.

Is it too thin? The processing of double -sided leather and replenishment materials will increase the hardness.


The above are common practices of handmade leather goods. Of course, from the beginning of the hard work to make the cut tidy to all kinds of techniques, you have to work hard, and you need to work hard!


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First of all, let’s talk about your technical problems, and then discuss the thickness of the use of leather materials. You said that the main death is on the top of the chopping and tailoring.

It is really a thing that needs patience. First of all, you have to draw a good line, and then carefully, be careful, check whether your cut teeth are on the drawing line, and then stabilize. What happens.


The too thick multi -layer leather is indeed easy to deviate at the bottom. If you cut your skin, you must first buy a good knife, and then learn to grind the knife. If you want to be good at work, you must understand the truth of your device.

Novices suggest that Japanese props, semi -circular knife is really difficult … Then practice, find the cutting angle and method that suits you, the cut skin must be clean and neat, so that the cut -off section is smooth and clean.

Then, if the thickness, I usually have a short leather 1.2mm, Lipi 0.6-0.8mm. The long model is usually considered the effect of double-skinned material, so the outer skin is 1.0mm and the limpip 0.6mm is more appropriate. 0.6mm sewing zipper is indeed difficult, but it can also be sewn well.


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If the double -sided fit, the thickness must be controlled. So far, only two double -sided fit has been done so far. It was done when I was ignorant last year. At that time, the leather was made of 1.5 endothelial 0.8 to make a brick.


Personally, if you want to do double -sided fit, the thickness is 0.8. It should be pretty good. I have never done 0.8 pairs of stickers.


If you say wrong, please forgive me. In fact, I think most people should go out to bring cards. Cash is enough to bring up to 2000. Usually how can you put it? If you want to put a lot of cash Essence

Personal habits are generally 1.6 or 1.8. I think it is more stylish, and the inside is generally 0.8. Long clip outer skin 1.2 or 1.5 is the most important version of the version. Inside is 0.8.

Last time, a great god told me on Weibo that the short clip was 1.2 with 2.0 endothelial. But I think it ’s too thick. To be honest, everyone’ s appreciation and craftsmanship are different. So look at yourself, and find your own way after trying your own experience.

The thin skin is not easy to seal the edge. To be honest, the vegetable tanned leather is pretty good. The premise is that you have good skin. The poor density is poor. The oil is really difficult to do. I used to be a domestic skin and card position. I was often wrinkled because of poor density. It was particularly ugly.

Practice if you cut it. First, ensure the horizontal level of the skin, then draw the line, and then decoct the point. Finally cut. When you cut it, your hands must not be crooked, so that cut holes will be much more beautiful.

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