For the first time I heard the “Beautiful Sound” HiFi mini audio brand, most of them will feel that this name is more gratiant than many HIFI audio brands in the zone. But the grounding gas does not affect the quality of the beautiful sound BELLAVOCE mini audio. Conversely, the sound of the beautiful voice HIFI mini sound has a unique charm. Unique voice patents can ensure that there is a shocking bass effect in the narrow space, making people generate the illusion that can listen to the sound of the flowers.

Beautiful Voice D15 Desktop Hi-Fi Box

Beautiful Voice D15 Desktop HIFI panels use heavy metal designs to reduce unnecessary resonance by increasing the speaker, and increasing the sound of the sound at high power output. As a metal small box body, the beautiful sound D15 basically uses a touch induction mode. After the power is turned on, the volume can be controlled by the touch key of the main control box. Side of the speaker, such as a shell-shaped surface design, compared with the same straight speaker product, and has a bit of a few industrial art textures.

Inside the cabinet, the beautiful sound D15 is designed with four-way forward, and the left and right directed layout makes the speaker more intensive on the original layout of the circuit, and also requires higher power input to drive the speaker. Special speaker design makes the beautiful sound D15 in the sound performance of the sound, high-quality, exciting, highlights the texture of the musical instrument, and the bass is calm and full of atmosphere, the middle and sound is delicate and clean, all of which do not lose BOSE Good balance and control of detail.

Beautiful sound BV001 is a hardcover version of the beautiful sound D15. The beautiful sound BV001 is more complicated, and the alloy material used is more stable for low frequency.

Official quote: D15 1280 yuan / BV001 2480 yuan

表现不输BOSE 美丽之音HiFi迷你音响导购

Jingdong specials: D15 999 yuan / BV001 1680 yuan

Beautiful sound B3 wireless Bluetooth speaker

For HiFi entry-level music enthusiasts, the beautiful sound D15 of thousands of yuan seems to be concerned, then HIFI-level high-quality beautiful sound B3 may be the price / performance ratio. Beautiful sound B3 Bluetooth speaker size is 180 * 61 * 77mm, with a weight of 830g. The overall exterior is a square cube, and the corner is designed with rounded corners. The material is made of aluminum alloy with the ABS shell combination. Beautiful Voice B3 Bluetooth speaker uses Bluetooth 4.0 EDR processing chips to support all devices with Bluetooth functionality, whether it is Apple products, Android phone tablet or laptop, etc.

表现不输BOSE 美丽之音HiFi迷你音响导购

Beautiful Voice B3 Bluetooth speaker has built-in 5W beautiful sound unique patented technology custom-grade N38 speaker unit, inside the iron 錋 high-strength magnetic core can ensure strong low frequency vibration of the cabinet. On both sides of the fuselage, there are a striped guided sound hole in the back, which helps to enhance the low frequency effect of the speaker, and further create a three-dimensional audio. Beautiful sound B3 wireless Bluetooth speaker uses beautiful sound unique low frequency design, unique aluminum alloy sound chamber can withstand strong low-frequency vibration and produce clean high-fidelity sound quality. In addition to the wireless portability, it also maintains the low frequency control, the intermediate frequency expression and the high frequency details, and the three-frequency balance is rich in hierarchy. It must meet the masses’ sense.

表现不输BOSE 美丽之音HiFi迷你音响导购

Official quote: 799 yuan

Jingdong specials: 599 yuan