Recently, Internet celebrity Xiao Ran caused a systemic infection due to liposuction surgery, causing multiple organs to fail, and the rescue died invalid. A stone stirred up thousands of waves, and the accident pushed the liposuction surgery to the forefront.

Is there risks in liposuction surgery? What are the chaos in the market? After a problem, how should consumers protect their rights? “Workers’ Daily” reporter investigated this.

“I thought liposuction was just a small surgery”

Recalling the liposuction surgery he had done 3 years ago, Dou Wen, 31, was very scared. On New Year’s Day in 2018, she set off from Guangzhou to a private beauty clinic in Chongqing for liposuction surgery. There are two projects she do: thigh water power ring suction and autologous fat hip.

“I thought it was just a small operation, but it was actually very guilty.” Dou Wen said that she was 1.6 meters tall and weighed 105 pounds. She chose to pump liposuction in order to pursue perfection.

On the first night after the operation, Dou Wen was asked to observe the hospital. As soon as the hemp medicine was over, the pain was filled with the whole body. According to Dou Wen’s description, for nearly a year after the operation, her thighs were covered with bruises, and she was not conscious. Now that she has barely recovered the original state in 3 years.

Huang Xiao, who also had liposuction surgery, said that he was “disfigured”! In 2019, she chose to go to a public hospital in Guangzhou for a thigh liposuction and facial filling surgery. However, in the first week of the operation, she found a large pit in the eyebrows of her eyebrows, and subsequent symptoms such as unevenness and pigmentation of the thighs.

Huang Xiao revealed that there were more than a dozen patients who did badly with her. Among them, the doctor was taken to the outer hospital for surgery, the reason is “so cheaper.”

Unregulated operations are easy to cause risks

“Liposuction is a conventional plastic surgery project.” Yin Hongyu, the attending doctor of the Plastic Surgery Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said that the most widely used in China is negative pressure liposuction, which uses negative pressure, and is uniform in the fat layer through the liposuction needle. Repeatedly shuttle and gradually suck out deep fat.

“To get started, you must first learn liposuction. It is risky, but not so exaggerated.” Yin Hongyu said that the risk index of liposuction surgery increased with the amount of liposuction. Milliliters are susceptible to danger.

Yin Hongyu also said that irregular liposuction operations are likely to cause risks. Taking Internet celebrity Xiaoran as an example, the probability of postoperative infection is due to improper sterile operation during surgery. He explained that the condition was dangerous after liposuction was infected, because the fat layer of the surgery area across each other. Once the infection was infected, it would present diffuse honeycomb wovenitis, which then developed into sepsis and caused organ failure.

“New Oxygen 2019 White Paper” shows that the aesthetic preferences of Chinese people are “slender”. In physical surgical projects, liposuction is the most popular. However, behind the surge in market demand, the proportion of institutions and doctors that develop services in compliance is very small.

According to the “2020 Chinese Medical Beauty Industry Insight White Paper” released by Iri Consultation, there are about 13,000 institutions with medical cosmetic qualifications in China in 2019, of which 15%have the phenomenon of over -range illegal operations.

“The training period for regular plastic surgeons is 5 to 8 years, but now the talent gap is large, and many who have not been studying dare to do plastic surgery.” Said Ms. Yang, a senior medical practitioner, said.

The main difficulty in defending rights is to obtain evidence and compensation

“After the surgery failed, I wanted to protect their rights, but because I did not reach the level of disability, I could only give up.” Huang Xiao told reporters.

In this regard, Song Zhongqing, the director of the Beijing Congress Re -Chengcheng Law Firm, said that the main difficulty in protecting the rights and beauty rights in the two links of evidence collection and compensation. The so -called difficulty in obtaining evidence means that because many people have not checked, preserved medical aesthetic services, cases and other information during surgery, subsequent lack of evidence support for subsequent protection of rights. The difficulty of compensation means that because the beauty is subjective, it is difficult to have objective standards whether the operation is successful. Usually, it is difficult to get compensation if it is not identified as a certain disability level.

The reporter inquired online in the Chinese referee documents that there were 490 documents based on “liposuction” as the keywords. Many people had complications such as unevenness and scars due to liposuction surgery, and there were medical service contract disputes with hospitals for surgery. Many of them were rejected by the lawsuit because the medical institutions and their medical staff had faults, diagnosis and treatment behavior and damage had causal relationships.

In view of this, Yin Hongyu said that the beauty seekers should pay attention to the face -to -face diagnosis and communication before surgery, and choose the medical beauty project carefully according to their own situation. Taking liposuction as an example, there are several types of inappropriate people: the expected effectiveness of the postoperative effect is too high, older or minor, during menstruation, pregnancy, and lactation. Essence

It is reported that from June 2021, the National Health and Health Commission and the Central Cyberspace Office have carried out a six -year special rectification of illegal medical cosmetic services nationwide from June 2021. (The requirements of the interviewed, Dou Wen and Huang Xiao in the article are a pseudonym) (Workers’ Daily reporter Wang Yu)

Editor in charge: Cao Yan