I do n’t know when, the daily winds of the wind have become the weathervane of fashion trends. This kind of dress is comfortable, casual, literary, lazy, and seems to have all the dreams and pursuits of women. In the daily wind of wind, it can be simple and elegant, fresh and artistic, and more lazy and comfortable.

Whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, the wind of the sun has become a matching style of women’s pursuit. However, it is very rigid and stereotyped, not particularly fashionable, and shows the tenderness of gentleness and the feminine style of women. If you want to wear it every day, how can you get a “coarse sweater”, and the little girl can easily control it.

Cay sweater sweater

When we choose a coarse sweater, the style of the version is particularly important. The thick -wire sweater designed by the cardigan is lazy and versatile, and there are more possibilities to combine it, which meets the infinite style of our autumn and winter wear, and has already become a must -have item for small men.

The crisp design can naturally be worn as a coat in the autumn and winter season. The windy cardigan sweater, the element of the thick line, the literary and lazy. The color system is more mainly based on deep high -grade color.

The more advanced hue, the more classic and versatile. Brown, coffee color, olive green, almond white, all are particularly classic and versatile colors. With the beauty of literature and art, it is also more suitable for the atmosphere of the wind. In laziness, showing a natural gesture.

The classic wild thick sweater, even the elements of the cardigan, will dominate the dark colors. Tibetan blue, wine red, dark purple, dark green, are more rich but with a certain brightness color, high -level but not tedious, generous but not dull.

If you want to wear this color system to wear the effect of daily wind, you only need a touch of bright colors. The most elegant white, the sweetest pink, and the freshest green, can become a beautiful embellishment in the overall shape, make your temperament more tasteful, and more in line with the aesthetics of the wind.


Coarse sweater

The coarse sweaters are also the most basic coarse sweaters. It is the most basic version of all sweaters. Because of the elements of thick lines, it is particularly in line with the positioning of the daily wind. In the autumn and winter seasons, if you want to wear it every day, you may wish to start with a thick wire sweater.

The coarse sweaters on the hood are even more versatile and comfortable. The foundation set, even the combination of coarse sweaters, does not need to be too loose. Because the elements of the thick line are lazy. If it is paired with too loose version, it will inevitably appear bloated, not only without the breath of daily wind, but also more swelling.

Proper loose, but not particularly sloppy, this basic cover sweater is also more basic and versatile in the version. The choice inside can be used as a shirt as a stack. The overall style is more outstanding and the layers are clear and cool.

The positioning of thick -wire sweater is particularly in line with the aesthetics of daily wind. Therefore, the version of the clothing also needs to be better to be loose. The looseness should be tightly stacked to put on one or two of the bottoming. The design of the pullover sweater is generally a round neckline, which is more classic and advanced.

The round collar coarse -threading sweater, the matching with white shirts, is the most advanced. The white shirt comes with the literary style, and the combination of the coarse sweater of the sloping of the sloping. It has more wind and softness of the wind, combined with white cone pants, which is more elegant.


Long coarse sweater


Whether it is an open shirt or a hood, the common daily wind -winded thick line sweater is a short version. But in fact, the long thick sweater can also be elegant and casual. Even small girls can better control, highlighting the softness of the wind.


When we choose a long coarse sweater, try to match the straight version as possible, because the more the straight version, the easier it is to show the effect of longitudinal stretching, making the body proportion more slender and long. The daily wind is always comfortable, so even the long thick -line sweater is a relatively loose version.

Most of the long -line sweaters are over -the -knee length. Many people think that the length of this sweater is not easy to control. But in fact, we only need to properly pull up the legs of the trousers and expose the slender ankle to show the beauty of casual fashion, and the elegance of the wind is overflowing.

In addition to choosing the way to match the ankle, the long thick -line sweater can also properly combine a pair of Martin boots to present the slender ankles and calves. There is a more slim and thinner effect. The most important thing is the choice of coats. You can choose a short jacket.


The short jacket can outline the tall waistline, create a more perfect three -seven ratio, and make the body’s body proportion more superior. The words of the little girl, wearing a high hat, will also be more playful and age, which is very high.

The matching of coarse sweater

In the autumn and winter seasons, the most common method of coarse sweaters is still overlap. If you feel that your body proportion is not outstanding enough, you can also optimize your body proportion more naturally. For example, the coarse sweater of the hood, with a loose shirt inside, not only the shape of the neckline is more refined, but also creates a layered sense of vertical cutting. The visual optimization ratio is particularly high.

In the combination of coarse sweaters, in addition to the upper body stack, the choice of pants is also more important. During the daily wind, the pants are simpler and more atmospheric. Targeons, cigarette pants, nine -point pants are the most common. The common points of these pants type hormone Hi can cover the imperfections of the leg shape and make your legs look more straight up. A pair of small leather shoes in the combination of cropped pants, handsome and exquisite, making the windy dresses more brilliant.

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