Everyone said, I really got recently

Korean amateur street shot

The fascination is upside down. The way of their dressing not only breaks my consistent understanding of the Korean department, but also allows me to learn new knowledge.

Fans who follow my fans know that I have recommended Korean amateurs who have recommended various series a few days ago, but I rarely introduce what they like



In order to let everyone make a complete set of wearing, I will introduce the shoes in detail.


There are three types of shoes in Korean amateur street shots. The first is the versatile Martin boots, the second is the high -ended Martin boots, and the third is pure white canvas shoes.

Martin boots

For us, it is not uncommon. If you want to wear it wonderful, you must follow the young ladies and sisters in the photo to use the echoing of the single product style to create a unique aura and recognition of the thief!

When you choose Martin boots, you have two ideas to go.

The first is the choice

Poopedo Martin Boots

Using loose mop wide -leg pants to match it, it can keep warm and modify the foot shape. Girls with large feet do not feel embarrassed.

The second idea is to choose a conventional style

Eight -hole Martin boots

With it with nine -point straight jeans, it can not only increase the overall capable effect, but also sufficient insulation, fashionable and foreign.

In addition to the style of Martin boots, when choosing to match with trousers, everyone also needs to be extraordinarily attentive. The young lady who is not excellent legs can choose a variety of style wide -leg pants and excellent legs. Jeans or tight jeans.

No matter what style of trousers and Martin boots, they can present the same beauty as the beauty of Korean amateur and high recognition thief!


In addition to Martin boots, their favorite second shoes are

High boots


Different from our national girls’ selection methods, they love loose high boots, similar to high -tech rain boots, is their favorite.

When choosing the next match with them, they will not choose tight jeans or pants with velvet leggings that we often choose. Loose silhouettes are always their first choice. How good is it!

If you also want to feel the charm of such high boots, you can choose to match according to these three standards.

First, when choosing high boots, be sure to choose

Minimalist style

There is no strap design, no tire bottom, no contrasting color, no fabric stitching, the most effective effect!


Second, when choosing high boots, minimalist selection

pure black


, It can not only modify the leg shape and foot type, but also the versatile items of a variety of styles, simple personality!

Third, when choosing high boots, minimalist should not choose the style that is tight on the leg. The only

The effect of dissatisfaction with the boots

The slightly loose version will be more perfect to put on the body. The most important thing is that its legs have muscular legs.


In addition, when conditions permit, it is recommended to choose the height of the knee. If it is too low, it will lose the charm of high boots. Too high will shorten the leg shape and suppress your height!

If you don’t want to choose high boots, you can also use small leather shoes+high black stockings instead, but there is a premise that choosing black stockings must first be very freezing. Second, the leg shape must be excellent enough, and finally it must be with it. The matching items must not be low, otherwise it is easy to make people feel vulgar.

The third shoes that Miss Korean amateur favorite is

Small white shoes

All kinds of white sneakers, canvas shoes, and sports shoes are handy!

No matter what kind of small white shoes you choose, as long as you remember these two points, everything is good!


First, when choosing small white shoes, be sure to choose a mopped trousers with it

In this way, it can prevent the plush inside the small white shoes and the inside of the small white shoes can cover the flesh and thinner, extend the leg length, black trousers and white shoes are perfect, and it feels that white shoes will appear in the entire set of black items. You can echo it with a white hat and bag!

Second, when choosing small white shoes, be sure to determine the dress style in advance

It is recommended that everyone’s trying style is leisure sports style and professionalism.

With the previous style of single products and small white shoes, the age -reducing effect is very obvious, all of which are youthful vitality! The matching with the latter style with the small white shoes will make the overall care of the career but not rigid, and the career leisure can grasp it with both hands!

I am a settlement. If you are confused, you can trust me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Following it and learning to wear, we become better and beautiful people together!

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