Hello everyone.

What kind of top do you like to wear in summer? Some friends may say that it is a T -shirt, of course, the T -shirt is also good. But the fashionable girls have all worn recently



Essence It is more feminine and more temperament than a T -shirt. It is really eye -catching.

Friends who like to watch female celebrities should be impressed, and there are many people wearing sweater recently. Angelababy Yang Ying, Yang Mi, Wang Likun, Lin Yun, Zhang Bichen and other beautiful women have recently worn sweater. It seems that this trend will not fade for a while.

Let’s talk about today, what kind of knitwear wearing this summer, and how to wear it.

What is the material suitable for summer knitted sweaters?

In the cognition of many friends, knitwear is equivalent to sweaters. When wearing sweaters in summer, it will be hot when you think about it. But in fact, the sweater that is suitable for summer is cooler. The material is mainly cotton, silk, silk hair blend or cashmere. And they are very thin. It is comfortable to wear, breathable, sweat, and not hot, and it will not be hot.

The knitwear wearing sweats in summer must be good. So do not wear knitwear of various chemical fiber fabrics, very sultry. And the texture is not good. The beige sweater worn by Yang Ying above is cashmere. Is it very good?

What are the styles of knit sweaters recently?

There are many styles of sweater. The most popular in the recently popular sweater is this


Short sleeve

Knit sweater, the most common design is

Pure color plus bonding

Essence The yellow short -sleeved sweater worn by Zhang Bichen above is very representative.

This knitted sweater is very refreshing, relatively tight, and there is a little dew, a little sexy. It is sharp and feminine to wear. Such a short -sleeved sweater and T -shirt are a bit like, but more ladylike than T -shirts.

Speaking of knit sweater, you can’t help but mention

Small cardigan

Essence I thought this dress was very popular in spring, but I did not expect that the popularity of summer was still high. There are so many people. The picture above is Wang Likun. This light yellow cardigan she wore was very beautiful, simple and fashionable.

Don’t think that the sleeves of this clothes will be hot, because the open sweater is very thin, and it is a V -neck exposed waist, which is not hot. It is refreshing and fashionable to wear.

Although everyone likes to wear light colors in summer, fashionable girls don’t think so. Yang Mi wearing this black -bottomed white tattoo cardigan is very tide. There is another part of this dress

Retro charm


, Very atmospheric.

The knitted cardigan worn in summer is generally buckled up with a buckle as a V -neck sweater. Some styles are fake buttons. Some are real buttons. In comparison, fake buttons are more practical. Because not afraid of



It is more friendly to people with full surroundings.


Recently wearing

Routing sweater

There are quite a lot of people. This design is more casual and fashionable than the round neck. There are big and small ones. Some also add color to look more fashionable.

The girl wearing this brown white lapel sweater wearing the picture above is good, and the atmosphere has a sense of layering. There is also a feeling of European court style, which is especially cool. There is a vertical division line on the front of this dress, and the upper body is divided into several parts. It is a relatively thin design.

How to match the sweater to look good?


Wear sweater with short skirts or shorts in summer, sweet and stylish and youthful

Choose a stylish and beautiful knitwear, how do you match it? The most popular way of wearing this year is to give a sweater with a sweater

Short skirt


Essence Like Angelebaby Yang Ying above, it is good to match.

She has a red -sleeved sweater with a heart -shaped neckline with a red A -line skirt to this beige red neckline, which is sweet and bright. The most wonderful thing is that she wore white net socks and small white shoes on her feet. Make this set more added

Youthful sense

, Very energetic.


Yang Mi’s combination is the same as Yang Ying. She paired this black jear knit sweater with a black one black

Pleated skirt


Essence Romantic and fashionable, and it is also very youthful. This year’s pleated skirt is really red. There is a very artistic college style, which is also very young.

The matching of her feet is also very tide. A pair of black flat low -top shoes, with a pair of black socks, has the effect of short boots. This is also the most popular method of matching this year. Yang Mi deserves to be a fashionista, this set is full of popular elements.


Although sweater with a mini skirt is young and fashionable, it is not convenient. There are not many suitable occasions. If the short skirt is replaced with shorts, it is almost the same as that of good looks and fashion, but it is much practical and convenient. Putting out and shopping, flying or traveling is good.

Like Wang Likun’s combination above, the yellow knit sweater with black shorts, black short boots on the feet, casual fashion and style, pretty cool.

Wear sweater and wide -leg pants in summer, fashionable, elegant and gas field

The knitwear worn in summer is basically short, so follow

Loose tight or lower or shorter

The rules of matching are very good with a pair of wide -leg pants to this top, which is highly fashionable and temperamental.

Little beauty Lin Yun also thought so. She wore a white ruffled short waist knit sweater with a pair of black and white small plaid trousers. Although this pants are wide -leg pants, the legs are not very loose. Comfortable and straight legs, and not fat. Wear a pair of white sneakers on your feet. It’s pretty fashionable.

Zhang Bichen is a person who likes to wear sweater. She has recently wore it many times. I like this yellow knit sweater. The color is refreshing and bright and atmospheric.

The style is also good. Short -sleeved short -sleeved sweater with a black high -waisted wide -leg pants, and then wearing a pair of small white shoes. Elegant and fashionable, very beautiful summer streets.

Still Zhang Bichen, this time wearing a white seven -point sleeve loose sweater, pulled the clothes up, and turned into a short sweater, which seemed to be more neat. She was paired with a military green trousers. Add a copy to this gentle knitwear


British spirit

,very nice.

She wore a pair of black Martin boots this time, which matched the style of military green trousers. It makes this set with a handsome feeling, which is very tide.

Zhang Bichen is quite a lot of knitted patterns. She wore a beige checkered short -sleeved sweater this time, which was a small round neck. It looks relatively noble. But it is also very stuffy, only suitable for people with long necks.

She was paired with a pair of porn jeans. Cool and fashionable. It seems that this sweater is a very versatile item.

What style of pants can be matched



Okay, here is the matching of knitwear. Do you like knitwear?