Xiangneng is stable, burning incense, mobilizing the spirituality of the mind in the joy, regulating the mind, and meditation.

In recent years, with the prevalence of incense culture, the incense is loved by the incense friends, especially the agarwood line incense. With the unique fragrance, the online incense market is the lead.

Many people responded that although the agarwood line is good, but they do n’t choose, they ca n’t buy the real goods, what should I do if I always spend money? If you want to buy pure natural agarwood, you have to have some basic knowledge of Agarwood.

There are two kinds of agarwood lines on the market. One is pure natural agarwood line incense, both of which are natural agarwood & adhesives; the other is chemical agarwood thread incense. In addition to agarwood powder and adhesive, it may contain contains Add flavors, combustion agents and other additives. Even the bottom line is talc powder, flavors, adding burning agents. If you want to really appreciate the benefits of Agarwood for your body and mind, and feel the charming taste of agarwood, you naturally choose natural agarwood.

So, how to identify pure natural and chemical fragrance is the following points:

1. Test the feel

The natural agarwood line has a soft hand, and it is rough to the touch. It is easily crushed into powder. The chemical agarwood thread has a hard feel, and it is smoother to touch, and it is not easy to be crushed.

2. Smell the fragrance

After opening the incense box, the natural fragrance can smell a faint fragrance, or there is no taste. And chemical fragrance will have a pungent fragrance;


3. Look at the incense ash

Because the natural agarwood thread is used in the natural plant materials, the burning gray after burning will be about one -third of the other incense, and the fragrance gray is easy to spread. Because the chemical agarwood thread has added some chemical components during the production process, after burning, the thickness of the gray is basically the same as before burning, and the fragrant gray is not easy to spread.

4. Ranxiang

After litting the scent of scent, the natural line incense has a good spread. Standing in the distance, you can smell the fragrance that it emits, soft and euphemistic, not pungent and faint, and the fragrance is long -lasting and intriguing. Generally speaking, smoke is light and rising, but the smokeless taste proves that the raw material of the line fragrance is relatively pure. If the fireworks are relatively large, the fireworks are relatively large, and it may be added with a binder or wood powder. Or there are fireworks and flavors during the combustion process, and even make people feel unrealistic, which proves that this fragrance adds some chemical components.


Of course, if pure natural incense time is not enough, there may be obvious fireworks. When the fragrance is directly burned, whether the aroma is pure, whether the raw material level is high, and whether the body feel is comfortable is the standard for judging the quality of the line. Generally speaking, the good fragrance has a long fragrance time, at least 2 hours of the remaining rhyme lingering. After litting the more high -level incense without obvious ventilation, it can bring the elegant and comfortable charm for a whole day.

5. Tanxiang

Because the natural agarwood line is not added with metal or chemical curing agents and combustion agents, it is easy to twist with two fingers when burning, and there is no big burning sensation. If, in the process of twisting the burning line, if there is no strong burning sensation, but there is obvious temperature residue (that is, the remaining temperature), it shows that there may be substances such as limestone in this line. If there is no feeling in your hand, it is like the feeling of feathers, indicating that there is no additive except for natural formulas.

According to research data, after the chemical agarwood line and inferior agarwood lines are burned, the toxicity of the carcinogens released is 5-7 times the normal volatile toxicity! People with chemical agarwood lines and inferior agarwood lines at home have a chance to suffer from lung cancer 3.49 times higher than those who smoke.

Therefore, when buying agarwood, you must choose natural agarwood. Only pure agarwood lines are not only fragrant, but also good for physical and mental health.


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