Convercyle is a new folding cargo bicycle project that combines the transportation capacity of extended long -tailed freight bicycles and the mobility of traditional short wheelbase commuters. This idea is relatively simple -to return the rear round to extend the wheelbase and bearing capacity of the bicycle. But it is a smart rotation solution and nested back end, making it easy to stretch, maintaining comfortable control in any position in any position, and opening the possibility of pedal assist. Now it only needs a Kickstart into production …

Regardless of whether it is regarded as a cargo bicycle or a city commuting bicycle, the Convercycle bicycle is definitely unique. The two -in -one folding design can basically provide you with the best world, carrying capacity, and compact storage and conventional bicycle treatment, when you do not carry it with you. It seems to be switched from one mode to another in just a few seconds.


Convercyle: How does it fold?


Its working principle is in front of the rear wheel of the rear wheels with a rotation shaft -in the extended cargo bicycle mode. What you have is basically a overall rear triangle (just like you found on a single hub -mountain bicycle). It can rotate downwards and rotate forward to the load basket integrated into the bicycle frame.

By releasing the in place lock in the rear triangle, you only need to raise the cargo bicycle to the top of the pivot. The rear wheels swing forward and embedded in the incision of the bottom of the loading basket. There, the rear wheel was locked in a shorter position again. The bicycles we see here are several different concept verification prototypes, so how the Convercycle locks to the two positions is not completely clear. We suspect that this is planned by the project team to provide funds through their crowdsourcing activities.

The power transmission system is another example. The early working prototype here uses the left driver device, allowing power to pass from right to left through the middle of the pivot.

Later models show that they have improved this and will use traditional right -side driving devices to make it easier to use with internal gear rear hubs, as well as wheel -based electric bicycle pedals to assist motors.


Convercycle technical details


Convercycle’s final structural details are still quite thin, but so far it is a welding steel framework. Its integrated shelves / baskets are designed as effective loads that can carry up to 60kg / 132LB. The current full bicycle weight is said to be 18 kg, and they are trying to develop a light solution for the production of bicycles to develop a bicycle.


Folding trucks will provide two driver options, one is the Nexus 5 -speed wheel or a 250W foot auxiliary electric bicycle version. The bicycle will be equipped with disc brakes, 700C wheels, enough seat rod extension and upright seat positions, suitable for various adult drivers.

The width of the cargo basket is only 43 cm/ 17 inches, which is narrower than your bar. Therefore, it can still be easily navigated in a small space and can be installed on a standard bicycle rack. But this is still enough to accommodate a few bags of groceries or a box of European beer. It even developed a closed floor for the cargo box.

The final Convercycle developed in Germany, which meets the local road standards, which means that it will include integrated front and rear lighting and full mud panels (the rear pads are clearly disassembled, so they can ride in two modes.)


Convercycle Kickstarter activity

Convercycle is still far away from the final product, but of course, why its development team has gone to Kickstarter for funds. After just a week, they have received more than half of their target funds and provided some buying before the end of 2018.

Today, the support of 1,000 euros will provide you with a standard 5 -speed Convercycle and a Christmas special 3D printing model of folding bicycles in order to give it to special people. Add 200 euros to obtain special offers in electronic cargo decoration. After these, theoretically standard Kickstarter rewards will provide the same pricing, but there is no model. Convercycle’s development schedule estimates that the folding cargo bicycle will be transported to supporters in August 2019, which is their first bicycle project.