When it comes to the choice of shoes in autumn, of course, there are more than one standard answer. Elderly women always lock their eyes on the sports style shoes, but the enhancement of the sense of sports means weakening the refinement. Let’s take a look at the playful boots of early autumn. It is delicate and age -reducing, and the matching is also very rich. It is particularly suitable for older women!


PART1 boots long and short

In the early autumn seasons, it is not the time to appear in the boots. In this season, it is still necessary to talk about short boots and Chinese boots. The boots in the boots will look more playful and lively compared to boots, and whether it is pants or pants or pants or or Skirts can be easily controlled.

In the picture, there are more classic mid -boots. The left side is playful short boots. It is not dazzling but has a careful machine. The high heel on the right side adds a hint of elegant temperament, which is more feminine.

First of all, take a look at the short boots. The short boots are playful and smart, and they are more versatile when wearing. Such as simple short skirts or middle skirts, and even trousers can be easily controlled.

Both pairs of boots are paired with a relatively loose skirt in the long skirt. The skirts and boots can just form a small gap, which highlights the position of the ankle. Coupled with the shorter and long -length wearing method to make the proportion of the overall body more coordinated, the long legs can be easily worn.

Next is the Chinese boots. Compared to the short boots, the Chinese boots will be more elegant and gentle. Moreover, the Chinese boots can more perfectly outline the lines of our legs. Maybe many girls feel that their calf lines are not very slender. At this time, compared to short sleeves, Chinese boots are more suitable for you.

PART2 version


The version of the boots is very rich. The same method of matching has chosen different boots. Then, the overall dress will show different effects.

For example, I chose to use a jacket to match the skirt, but the left side of the marton boots was selected to wear an elegant and age -reducing feeling. On the right is British boots, making the whole person more rigorous and retro.

The saddle short boots are not decorated too much, but simply put on the feet, which can show a playful and handsome feeling.


There is a tightening design at the ankle, and the feet are appropriately increased, which can make the lines of the feet more smooth and smooth. Such short boots are very suitable for matching with elegant skirts, which are beautiful and beautiful.

The short boots on the skin can wear a very handsome temperament, and although the short boots in this picture also use the version of the saddle boots.

However, the material is completely different. The fluffy boots are more suitable for fabrics such as knitted or woven. Compared with leather boots, it is more retro and very temperamental.


Don’t look at the boots only occupy a small area in the whole set of wear, but in fact, each place is detail, and even the round head and pointed can show different styles.


Round -headed boots will feel more rounded as a whole, more suitable for gentle and elegant women, while pointed shoes can highlight the strong aura of women. Women who are in the workplace or who want to pursue handsome style can choose pointed shoes.

For older women, high -heeled shoes are recommended compared to flat boots. Boots can be divided into two types: thick high heels and fine heels. Thick high heels can show retro, and it is more comfortable in dressing feelings.

The fine heels show the exquisite and elegant of women. It is more suitable for such wide -leg pants in the picture. Through the contrast of wide legs and fine heels, the leg lines are visually more slender.


In autumn, boots are indeed a very good choice for older women. With skirts, they can highlight elegance and elegance, and they are handsome and textured with pants.

The version and material of the boots are relatively rich. When you choose, you can choose according to your preferences.