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Recently, everyone has never left hands

It should be the hot water bottle, right?

not excluded

But in fact, every time you charge the hot water bag

Seeing it, it’s particularly afraid that it will explode

But have you seen the hot water bottle “getting angry”

There are water inside


How could it be fired


This “hand warmer”

It is likely to have hidden safety hazards!

In recent years, it is not uncommon to explode, leakage and leakage caused by electric water bottle, leakage, and fire:

Ms. Lu, who lives near Yuehua Road, Changsha City, inserts the hot water bag she just bought, and is ready to wash and sleep. However, as soon as she walked out of the bedroom door, the hot water bag burst into fire.

Although the fire was quickly extinguished

But the bedding on the bed was burned with large holes

If it wasn’t for Ms. Lu in time …

According to Ms. Lu

After the explosion, after the fire occurs

Her husband immediately reacted

Bring a pot of water to destroy the fire

However, the room still left a trace of burning

The burnt smell that cannot be scattered for a while

The hot water bag packaging box is clearly marked

When the hot water bag is powered on, it must be placed horizontally

Study the principle of fire together

The liquid in the hot water bottle is generally not full

Will leave a certain air in it

If the electric wire is tilted when the electric water is working


It will cause empty burning in the heat pipe

When encountering the inner wall of the hot water bottle, it is easy to burn it through the explosion

Then the electric heating wire continues to work

It will quickly ignite the surrounding combustible materials and cause fire


6 -year -old girl’s right face is burned by a large area

When a household in Guangdong charged the electric water bag, the electric water bottle suddenly exploded. The 6 -year -old girl’s right face was burned in a large area, leaving black scars.

Why is a good hot water bottle “exploded”

Most of the reason is

The hot water bottle has passed the life limit


To know

The hot water bottle “explosion” can cause Ⅲ degree burns

Severe even skin transplantation

The skin of children and the elderly is thinner and more fragile

Scald will also be more serious

Therefore, remind everyone here

Hot water bottle is generally rubber products


It needs to be used within 3 years of the production date

Try not to use it over time to avoid skin burns

In addition, use the hot water bag safely

You need to pay attention to these things

1. Before using the electric water bag, check whether the electric heating water bottle seal is intact, whether the power cord is intact, and whether the power cable interface has cracks or other safety hazards.

Do not charge too much when using the hot water bottle. Do not exceed two -thirds of its rated capacity. At the same time, the air in the bag should be discharged and the sealing of the plug should be checked.

2. The water temperature of the water bag should not be too high, generally about 80 ~ 90 ° C, and it is not advisable to contact acid, alkali, and oil.

3. Before use, pay attention to whether the hot water bottle used is aging and changes in the thickness of the bag body. Once there is a change in the above, it should be discarded immediately.

4. When using it, it is best to put on the hot water bag body.

5. Infants and young children should use a special small hot water bag, and the water temperature should be controlled below 60 ° C.

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