First of all, what we introduce today is the Republica Fashion’s GUCCI 30 KARATDIAMOND designed and produced by Gucci. We all know that Gucci is one of the top boutique brands in the world. Men’s clothing, handbags, small leather parts, travel accessories, shoes, jewelry, timepieces, glasses, perfume makeup, children’s clothing, and more representative of classic life style.

For a long time, Gucci is a perfect synonym for integrating fashion trends and “Italian creation”, and has also become a brand of admiration for high -quality men and women worldwide. It is famous for its keen fashion touch and unparalleled Italian craftsmanship. But the point is that this belt is inlaid with 30 carat diamonds. How many girls hope to wear a carat diamond ring in their lives, but as soon as this waistband comes up, it will be 30 carats. 10W RMB, although this is not a diamond ring, but this is a real drilling belt. 30 carat diamonds are inlaid on the belt. My heaven must not be replaced with RMB. However, this belt is priced at $ 25W. According to the exchange rate of 6.9 today, it is also 172.5W soft girl coins. A proper 2-3 tier cities have a house. This is really one of the most expensive belts in the world!


It is estimated that only Hermes will buy this belt.

Well, this is the most expensive belt in the world.