Why is the collapse of adults may only be in an instant? In fact, this comes from stress. Indeed, with the acceleration of the pace of life, the pressure of work and life is gradually increasing. As a workplace worker, you should learn how to relieve stress while working at busy work. Today I will take a look at some decompression artifacts, which is definitely a must for workers.

Decompression dice

Price: 25 yuan

Recommended reason: This decompression dice is definitely a good seasoning in the tedious work. I don’t know if you have such a habit. When thinking about problems, you always like to play something, so this decompression dice is definitely a good choice.

The biggest advantage of this decompression dice is that it can satisfy all your hand addiction. There are 6 different sides of this dice, and each side has unique functions. Totally divided into buttons, joysticks, forgetful stones, rolling beads, rotating dials and switches. The most impressive is the button and joystick. If you like to press the ballpoint pen, you can try the above 5 buttons. Three of them are sound, and the two are no sound. Depending on the buttons, the feel will be different.


In the end, this joystick is also a good way to decompress. Although there is no way to go to work time to play games, it is also an interesting thing to press this joystick when it is okay. It relieves the pressure unknowingly.

The oversized ENTER key

Price: 45.9 yuan

Recommended reason: Do you have the moment you want to vent the table, then this large carriage bond is definitely a good choice. It is easy to use in terms of keys. Just insert the USB cable into the computer to automatically recognize the “Enter” key and start using it.


The overall uses a soft elastic cloth, and any hammer will not deform. At the same time, the sponge material is built -in. When there is no pillow at noon, this large return key can just be used as a pillow. It is the so -called “car”.

Generally speaking, this large Enter key can not only vent the decompression, but also act as a lunch break. It is a good decompression artifact.

Easy to use bubble paper


Price: 25.8 yuan

Recommended reason: I have to say that after receiving the courier, I like to pinch the bubbles inside, and basically every bubble will not be let go. If you also have such hobbies, then this bubble paper is definitely a good choice.

This bubble paper uses a pull -up design, which is very similar to our daily pumping paper, but the paper towels inside have become bubble paper. The pull -up design is more convenient to use. If you like to pinch air paper, then this decompression artifact must not be missed.