Hello everyone! Everyone knows that in the past, people used old -fashioned rods to scale items. Society was developing and the times were progressing. my country’s balance instruments will also enter a new stage of development in the 21st century. At present, my country has developed a variety of smart electronic scale. Today, I will give you a case of intelligent electronic scale to tell you what scales are:


The white bar is weighing the single -rail balance. It is a special rail suspension. The weighting equipment is specifically used for the weight of the items on the suspension rail. It is suitable for slaughtering meat associations, food processing work, and adopting advanced weighing technology for design and manufacturing. It is suitable for weighing on various suspension type transmission lines. The monorail system is usually composed of high -precision sensors, instruments, and structural parts. Generally, because the orbit used by the user is different, and the orbit and its support or suspension structure are different, the mechanical structure of the monorail electronic hanging scale is slightly different. Weighing instruments can also be selected according to the different needs of the customer, and the smart PC system is selected for the additional functions, and printing, data storage, dynamic weight heavy weights and other additional functions.

The rail scales are moisture -proof and waterproof, and the price is affordable, which is more cost -effective than traditional electronic waterproof. It can greatly improve the efficiency of work. Because the electronic scale is installed on the gliding orbit of the monorail, the ordinary monorail can be weighing three -headed pigs at the same time. If it is not enough, it can be customized. Greatly increased the shipping rate.


Printing scales are mainly used in food processing, fresh sorting, hotel cafeteria, slaughtering animal husbandry, farmers’ supermarkets and other industries. Applicable to the in -depth database link, sorting and distribution links, sales and settlement settlement links, qualified inspection and other links, support barcode printing and QR code printing, no need to print directly with the computer side, the print format can be customized, the optional scan can be selected. The gun scan the code out of the warehouse, and the optional alarm light can be used for qualified product printing work.

In short, from the above -mentioned examples, it can be seen that the development of the weighing instrument is changed. With the advancement of the times and the development of weighing technology, the new meaning of the concept of the “weighing instrument” has been continuously given. From the “traditional electronic scale” to “smart electronic scale”, the progress of the technology is verified.