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At 5 pm on December 19th, the sisters of the Jinhua Care Women Federation sent the first batch of more hand -woven bales to the Jinhua Exit of the Jinhua High -speed Hangzhou highway, and gave it to the busy duty staff and test personnel who were in the epidemic prevention mount. Xiaoyu, a high -speed traffic policeman who was on the scene, said: “I really thank these sisters. Although the weather is cold, our hearts are particularly warm.”

Jinhua City Love Women’s Federation is a public welfare organization with nearly 300 members. Since the outbreak of the Shaoxing area, members and sisters have always wanted to do something for society. On December 12, they now wrapped more than 300 dumplings, boiled more than 300 spiced tea eggs, attached to the epidemic prevention package, and gave it to more than 100 sanitation workers paid to the streets and alleys of the city. The theme of urban beauty artists thanked Jin Hua’s warmth “to pass, call and inspire more social energy.


Seeing that the recent epidemic prevention and control situation has become increasingly tense and the temperature has fallen sharply, I heard that each high -speed export of epidemic prevention mounts and control personnel at the high -speed export and control personnel were on their post for 24 hours. Keep warm and tidy and practical.

This move has received positive response from everyone. Taking the fragmented time together, it is a particularly meaningful thing to pass warmth at home.


As a result, the loved sisters turned into “weaver girls”, one day weaving 4, and she was busy until 11 o’clock in the evening; some sisters launched their mothers in their 70s to participate in the weaving team together; and the sisters watched it. The video that was sent in the group asked while asking … In just two days, more than 30 bibs were woven. The first batch of finished products were sent to the front line of epidemic prevention, and it was also a highway export duty personnel who worked hard outdoors outdoors. Essence

It is worth mentioning that the traffic export vehicle traffic is very large, so that after the dinner box lunch was delivered, the staff could not eat in time and slowly became cold. The association Li Hongmei, Yang Qingxian and other loving sisters were very distressed. They immediately bought a microwave oven and two large insulation boxes, and they were sent to the past early in the morning.

Next, the sisters of the Jinhua City Love Women Federation will successively send the weaving collars to the duty staff who adhere to the front line of resistance, and make their own contributions to the “hard time and resistance to the other.”

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