Author: Jiang Dezhou

In the era of consumption, almost all human clothing, clothing, food, housing, and transportation must be built on products. And when a product has sufficient industrial design, it can often change and even give birth to a new lifestyle.


For example, Sony changed the way people listen to songs.

Before 1979, it was almost difficult for people to imagine what kind of scene is carrying bulky audio. In this year, Sony launched the world’s first true portable listening device-Walkman TPS-L2. For the first time, human beings were able to put the tape player into their pockets and enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

The charm of this blue and white gadget even flew out of the earth, making the Star Jue in the Galaxy Guard’s love for 30 years.

For example, Nike changed the way people run.

In the 1970s, the track and field coach Bill Bowerman had successfully designed a running shoe called Nike Cortez for the three major demands of “wearing light”, “comfortable foot feel” and “long -lasting durability” for the Olympic track and field team. Putting. In addition to the simple and smooth appearance, the forward -looking full -footed midsole and cushioned cushion made Nike Cortez the best race shoes at that time. Many of its technical indicators even became later industry standards.


This ugly and ugly running shoes also appeared in the honor in “The Gump”, and was traveled to the United States by Tom Hanks on several trips.


For another example, Apple has changed the way people use their mobile phones.

From the elder brother to Nokia, the mobile phone has never been able to break away from the scope of communication tools. Until 2007, Jobs used a minimalist 3.5 -inch touch screen to integrate mobile phones, iPods, and Internet AC machines. Calling, listening to music, and Internet browsing information can be performed under the operation of several fingers. Later, the industry revolution caused by the iPhone as the original point made human entertainment and social life refreshing, and thoroughly entered the era of mobile internet.

German industrial design master Ditt Rams said: Less is more.


This short famous saying has been printed on the cover by countless design books, and it also tells what is a good design. That is to make the function play a correct role and return the product to the pure nature of “use”.

The 12.3 -inch dual -screen screen on the EXEED Star Road LX is a good example.

It can be said that from the hands and desks to the living room, modern people’s desire for screen size has never stopped. From the perspective of what perspective, 12.3 inches in the car is considered big enough. The minimalist screen shape design is matched with penetrating air -conditioning air outlets, the staggering center console lines, and the practicality of touch operations, which truly realizes the “less but better” in the mouth of Dite Rams. Essence


To meet users’ needs for wisdom travel, and at the same time, it gives people a visual stimulus of surprise. This is the tone set by Chery Automobile’s vice president and global chief designer Kevin Rice for the design of the internal and external decorations of Star Road LX. As the second star -based mass production model, the aesthetic concept conveyed by LX can be summarized with the word “wisdom · sense”.


At the Star Road LX Design Test in August 22, Kevin Rice said that young consumers’ preferences for design are quietly changing. The high -speed development of the Internet not only brings changes in lifestyle, but also makes young groups no longer passionate about the expression of large -scale muscle and strength in traditional car design, but more popular, simple and intelligent Design of social functions. They hope that cars can truly integrate their lives in a sense, and at the same time become an important mobile space to express their own lifestyle and attitude of life.


To be honest, this era turning does bring a lot of difficulty to the design of Star Road LX. However, intuition still tells Kevin Rice and his team that returning to the origin is always right- “less” design is to focus on the essence, rather than adding “extra” content to the product.

A good design should be pure and simple to return, which is also the core of the design concept of “wisdom aesthetics”. For example, the AR navigation function of the Lion Zhiyun 3.0 system becomes more vivid and easy to use on this large -sized dual -screen screen. The driver only needs to look at his instrument to get “augmented reality. “The route information, instead of moving away to the center console, perfectly reflects simple but not simple.

This concept of integrating humanity and aesthetics is also hidden in other designs in LX. For example, a touch air -conditioning panel with a strong sense of integration, the center of the knob can display the temperature at the same time; the new -shaped electronic transmission not only has exquisite visual effects, but also saves a considerable part of the space in the central control area.

Another example is that this mass-produced version of LX is actually born from the E-IUV concept car released by the Shanghai Auto Show this year and the earlier LX Concept concept car, and inherited a considerable part of the design elements that both have a beautiful and practical value.


For example, the “interstellar matrix” LED headlights and star rail LED light bands, while ensuring the lighting of illumination, greatly enhance the aggressiveness and recognition of the front face; the rearview mirror of the sports car style integrates the side blind area camera.

In short, LX’s appearance design is no longer stubbornly stubbornly “familyization”, but instead choose to boldly open up a new aesthetic path. From design sketches to real car, we can also see that “wisdom aesthetics” has evolved from the early concept display stage to the final form.

In addition, the power system of the 1.6TGDI engine with a 7DCT gearbox also gives LX strong hard power. From the actual static experience, the new car has also been on the level of manufacturing quality and workmanship. Compared with the confidence of higher -level products in luxury brands.

Perhaps, only when you return to the source can you make better and more practical products. For the high -end positioning of Exned Starway, and at the same time, the young brand that dares to surpass its itself, the trajectory of the industrial design shown on its second production car is also profoundly affected by future users driving and using cars. Way.


And all of this may start from a starway LX.