Britax Baoyi Group is a well -known British car children’s safety seat brand. Its products have undergone strict design and testing links. Each safety seat is registered in the British BSI National Bureau to track its safety performance. More than 80%of automobile manufacturers are using Britax Children’s Safety seats for collision test EURO NCAP.

Britax 宝得适 Pavilion G4 儿童汽车安全座椅$199.99

This Britax Bao is suitable for Pavilion G4 Children’s car safety seats are a safe seat that is more suitable for children 0 to 8 years old, with a maximum supporting weight of 30 kg. The use of EPP foaming material can make the user’s head, neck and spine from deeper protection, and improve safety. The difference with the ADVOCATE G4 that is more familiar with everyone is the side -by -side double airbags, which is more compared to

Five -point seat belt

Britax 宝得适 Pavilion G4 儿童汽车安全座椅$199.99

system. Support positive and negative installations. In addition, infants with less than 9 months (or less than 9kg) need to be installed reversely to avoid damage caused by incomplete neck development of children. Nine months (more than 9kg) to 4 -year -old newborns can be installed in direction. If you are worried about the reverse installation and you do n’t know what your baby is doing, you can look at this safety seat rearview mirror. Disassembly cloth pads are convenient for replacement and cleaning; comes with the Latch interface, you can directly use the Latch interface to fix it on the back seat of the car. It should be noted that some netizens responded that the five -point seat belt of this series is shorter. Friends who purchased can consider contacting the manufacturer to get a long seat belt for free.

Amazon in the United States in this CUB PINK special price until 199.99 US dollars, not directly mailing China, transferred to about 1840 yuan, and the specific purchase method can refer to this Haitao strategy. The domestic Taobao purchase price is 2300+, and Haitao has a price advantage.

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