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Xinghua Tower and Daoxiang Village joint moon cake gift box This picture is provided by Xinghua Tower

Xinghua Tower and Daoxiang Village announced joint cooperation.

On August 10, the surging news reporter learned from the Shanghai Laocomo Xinghua Building that 2021 is the 170th anniversary of the establishment of Xinghua Building. Near the Mid -Autumn Festival, Xinghua Tower and Daoxiang Village, the same century -old, launch the moon cake gift box for the first time.

According to Xinghua Building, the series of products launched by Xinghua Tower and Daoxiang Village are divided into two online and offline models. They are selected in their classic representatives: 2 Cantonese -style mooncakes bean paste, 2 egg lotus, Daoxiang Village Soviet -style moon cake ginkgo and 2 jujube mud.

Zhi Jing, deputy general manager of Xinghua Building Food and Catering Co., Ltd., said that the two companies are both century -old and both have the technique of inheritance of intangible cultural heritage. “Product” embrace “in the golden autumn, it is necessary to compete and develop among enterprises. Only in this way can we promote the prosperity of the industry and the mooncakes can be more” out of the circle. “

“Competition” has become the “allies”, which is also the first time in the industry. People in the industry said that the two major brands of Cantonese and Soviet moon cakes have brought new inspiration and attempts to the healthy development of the moon cake industry for the first time.


Xinghua Tower and Nestlé jointly awarded moon cake gift box

In addition, Xinghua Building also norms with the international food giant Nestlé. The two sides combine their respective ace products to bring a gift box consisting of 2 coffee moon cakes, 2 bean paste moon cakes, and 2 Jia -planted plant meat five kernel moon cakes.

In 1928, the first moon cake of Xinghua Tower came out, and has experienced the inheritance and accumulation of several generations. In 2007, the production skills of Xinghua Tower Cantonese -style moon cakes were included in the Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

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