With the many recent variety shows that have been participated in the broadcast, the new -generation actress Bailu can be said to be more and more eye -catching, leaving a deep impression on many audiences, especially in the variety show “Run” some time ago, The pure and lively girl character can be said to make many viewers like her, and some netizens said that the value of the white deer is really more and more amazing. Recently, Bailu updated Weibo, a big bow on the black tight skirt, which was so sweet.


This group of photos can be said to be quite amazing. After changing the sweet and lovely girl style of the white deer in the past, it shows a small sexy, black tube top dress short skirt highlights the long leg shape, and the figure proportion looks quite perfect. , Liang Diamond high -heeled shoes brought a touch of charming feeling.


The tube top design shows the perfect shoulder lines and fair skin. The clean and refreshing makeup still shows a soft sense of girly. Against the backdrop of the flowers, there is a gentleness of a half -cover pipa and half -cover.

The collar side adopts a silver -striking design, which makes the dress feel with a personality, and also adds a pretty and lively style, which is very fit with the positioning of the new generation of actresses.

Although it is a tube top design, the top of the skirt is designed with loose styles, blooming styles like blooming flowers, which is more energetic.

Compared with other daily wear, it can be said that it is always full of girls and full of vitality. This black short skirt with a white sleeveless bottoming shirt is refreshing and lively, and the black baseball cap shows a handsome feeling. The blessing of twist braids is like a girl next door.

The black and white matching brings a refreshing sense of summer, and the decoration of the metal necklace adds the feeling of cool handsomeness to the entire shape.


It is also a small black skirt. This sling tight dress shows a sense of lightness and charming. The smiley face pattern on the chest is full of lively and very eye -catching.


The backless design highlights the perfect back curve, and the body’s sense is very eye -catching. It can also be seen from this shape that the sweet and cute white deer also has a mature and charming side.

The participation of variety shows can be said to allow celebrities to deepen their popularity quickly, but in the long run, excellent representative works are the most critical. I hope egrets can have new works, so that everyone can realize her true strength.