Speaking of the boxing wife Ran Yingying, her daily matching style is very fixed, and she has always been based on slimming. Since becoming a mother, I still do myself, I still like to use tights to show their figure curve. Ran Yingying, who is full of figure, can show her body advantage more obviously through the style of tight clothes. Even if the figure is not a typical skinny figure, but a plump figure, she can still wear temperament.


However, in the following airport shape, although Ran Yingying still boldly appeared in the tight style, she exposed a slightly blessed figure. Especially when I chose the wrong shoes, the legs became thicker visually.

Ran Yingying Airport Style Interpretation

1: Beretic hat+slim fashion, still fashionable


The slim -style dress style is linked to the sexy style in itself. The visual effect of this item has a strong impact. If it is bumpy and bumpy. 3D effect. Let the figure look more three -dimensional and full, and the advantages of your own body will be seen at a glance.

From the perspective of Ran Yingying’s overall combination, the styling style is mainly based on the neutral casual style. In addition to black, the color matching is not too beautiful, which makes the match look boring. And the fashion style does not look high. Although the version is the main style, if there is no benile hat embellishment, the sense of layering from top to bottom is not obvious.

In the details design, the letter element and the geometric graphic stitching design is added. However, these design details, for those with a full body, will make the figure look more bloated, so it will lead to a lack of high -level sense, and the overall match will look heavy.

This combination is obviously not fine enough. If the selected style is enough, the effect is another matter.

2: Strong handbag volume, lack of refinement


The slim style dress style itself pursues the sophisticated polishing, which can show the body’s body curve more clearly. But such a combination requires a certain degree of refinement, not a rough manifestation.

Ran Yingying’s overall combination will look very uncoordinated. The combined bag style belongs to the silhouette style. This bag design looks bold enough, but the overall sense of volume is still very strong. Therefore, there is no way to achieve a harmonious and unified effect with the style of the fashion itself. In the end, the proportion is unbalanced, and there is a feeling of light and light.

If you choose a small handbag with a small area, and then match the overall style, it will look high -level and exquisite, and the temperament of the whole person will become more decent.

3: The length of the boots shows thick legs and affects temperament

Many girls like to match their boots and want to make their style look more personalized, but the style design of some boots will look very expensive. For example, the wide -up boots, the overall look loose, will not become convincing with the leg lines.

The wide boots will visually increase the width of the calf, make the calf look thicker, and the length is exactly to the bottom of the knee. This is a very embarrassing boots style, which will look thick legs, and it will also affect the whole person’s whole person’s. Temperament, with such boots, the overall style will become very failed.

Although Ran Yingying wore a “proud curve” in the exhibition of tight clothes, so that her good figure could not be hidden, but her legs were bruised+thick legs, which also affected the beauty.

Correct matching demonstration of self -cultivation fashion

1: Slim top+high -waisted jeans


The slim -fitting dress can achieve a thin effect, and it will also look bloated, depending on which state of its figure. If you are a thin woman, you can try to match the style of slimming style. If the figure is short, do not choose a long self -sliming fashion. Jeans can increase the proportion of waistline and make the figure look taller, and the style of the whole person will also look more fashionable and advanced.

2: Hat+black top+denim flared pants

Most of the slim -fitting dress is generally basic color. If you like black slim fashion, you can choose the color of the color in color matching to make the small area of ​​black, which becomes a highlight in the match.


And the rest of the colors, choose the classic blue, such as using black tops with blue denim flared pants. From a visual point of view, this style looks very mature. To play a role in reducing age.

3: Red top+blue jeans+sunglasses

There are many fashion styles that look fashionable and attractive, but the color looks exaggerated. For example, red slim tops have high saturation. You can choose to match more ordinary pants. Light blue jeans are the best partners.

Combining with red is still a typical contrast color matching. If you want the style to look more fashionable and international, you can match a sunglasses to decorate, and it will also enhance the overall taste and gas field.

Summary: The above is several types of matching of tights. The temperament is thin and thin.


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