Source: intersection news client

The intersection point news that as the company’s resumption of work and school starts, the demand for epidemic prevention materials such as masks has increased sharply. On February 4th, the Changzhou Industrial and Information Bureau, as the leader of the material guarantee group of the pneumonia epidemic infection of the new coronary virus infection in Changzhou, released the “Initiative of Entrepreneurs such as Guangda Textiles and Clothing”, and proposed the majority of enterprises in textiles and clothing in the city in the city Actively use technical transformation and new equipment, etc., temporarily transfer to the urgent need for epidemic prevention such as masks and protective clothing.

After the initiative was issued, the textile and apparel industry association and Changzhou textile and apparel enterprises were actively responded. Black Peony Textile Co., Ltd., Walida Clothing, Changzhou Dingya Caocai Cotton Clothing Co., Ltd., Changzhou Puili Clothing Co., Ltd. Consultation and other more than ten companies to inquire about the relevant processes. The Changzhou Wujin emerging clothing factory located in Benniu Town is expected to form 40,000 production capacity of Nissan in two days. At present, the company has submitted relevant materials to the Changzhou Branch of the Provincial Drug Administration. Provincial bureau report. In the next step, the Changzhou Industry and Information Bureau will work together with the Provincial Drug Administration Changzhou Branch, the Municipal Clothing Industry Association and other units to do a good job of coordinated services with technical transformation and new equipment for new equipment. Junction Point reporter Wan Xiaozhen