Winter is here, the weather is really entering the cold stage, and warm underwear has officially debuted. But how to choose children’s warm underwear covers? This is also a sad issue. The most important choice of children’s warm underwear suits is actually the choice of quality and fabrics. You must buy good quality, comfortable and environmentally friendly fabric, and no irritation to the skin. Children are delicate flowers, but they cannot be destroyed, and children’s skin is very sensitive, so protect the children well! Choose some pure cotton, or bamboo fiber, Modal, combed cotton, etc. These are better for children.

Here are some warm and comfortable children’s warm underwear.


Children’s warm underwear for a long time

Brand: Jiu Sui companion brand always focuses on providing high-quality underwear for children aged 0-16, paying attention to children’s physical and spiritual enjoyment, adhering to the concept of “comfort, health, and fashion”, and to take care of their children to grow up healthy growth with their mother , Give more children a high -quality life experience. With a long -time companion, adhering to the core value concept of “all for children’s healthy growth”, its children’s warm underwear has a good reputation in the market.

The fabric of the long -year -old children’s warm underwear fabric is 47%recycled cellulose fiber+47%cotton+6%spandex, the inner layer is 56%polyester fiber+19%recycled cellulose fiber+19%cotton+3%cotton wool +3%spandex, which is warm layer and can resist the cold of -5 ° C. Exquisite sewing, which can be locked in circulating and provides comfortable clouds. Warm small high -necked neck, comfortable and fit, not tolerate. Loose trousers waist, appropriate elasticity, do not bare. The opening design and thoughtful buttons can prevent glow. Wind -proof trousers are relaxed and relaxed, which can lock warmth.

Ying’s cotton plowing warm underwear


Brand: Yeehoo Yingshi’s original intention of a mother to care for the baby. Since its establishment in 1995, it has always focused on the necessity of living in infants and young children aged 0-3, and extended to the age of 6 to grow. As a high -end infant brand in China, Yeehoo Yingshi from high -quality infant underwear, sleeping bags to children’s cars, and room beds to provide high -quality lifestyle solutions for Chinese families and children to enjoy high -quality lifestyle Essence And Ying’s children’s warm underwear won the love of parents.

Ying’s cotton -keeping warm underwear, the fabric is soft, the skin is smooth, soft and comfortable, healthy and safe. Comfortable neckline, abrasion resistance is not easy to deform, comfortable and breathable, without rubbing children’s skin. Iconic craftsmanship, four stitches and six lines, splicing without sense, comfortable skin. The elastic waist, the elastic rubber waist, is easy to wear and take off, and do not have a small diarrhea.


Red Bean Children’s Wool Hematology Hematology Underwear Set

Brand: Red Bean takes the national brand as its own responsibility. From the corporate grass innovation in 1957, to now has 12 subsidiaries, the industrial operation is relatively diversified, and it has gone through a glorious entrepreneurial process. Large private enterprise group in one. Red beans’ warm underwear has been deeply affiliated with consumers because of its quality.

Red bean children’s wool warm underwear jackets use high -quality cotton wool and natural mulberry silk, warm and comfortable, delicate skin care, water absorption and sweating, like the second layer of skin. Double -sided hair grinding process inside and outside, double -layer structure, warmth upgrade. The double -sided fleece, flushing, and fluffy process are lasting soft three steps. Use casual tailoring process to sew the line. The cuffs and foot mouth fit, it is not tight. This product has men, women’s models and multi -color options.

Catman miiow children’s underwear suit


Brand: Cat Man (International) Hong Kong Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. After more than ten years of fission development, it has grown into a modern large -scale brand operation group focusing on R & D, production and sales of sexy fashion underwear. Cats’ warm underwear is one of the top ten brands and is chosen by consumers.


Catman MIIOW children’s underwear is made of 95%cotton+5%spandex. It is loose and soft, enjoying the soft care of the cloud. The 360 ​​° stereo cutting version, how to move it is comfortable, fit the feeling of no restraint, do not rub the baby’s skin, make the mother more assured. Add 5%elasticine. Let the elasticity be visible, and the physical activity is more free. Bringing round neck, fit comfortable; wide pants waist, not diarrhea; elastic pants feet, windproof and warm.

Hengyuanxiang Boys Printed Children’s warm underwear suit

Brand: Hengyuanxiang, founded in 1927. Hengyuanxiang Group’s products cover large categories such as velvet, knitted, clothing, home textiles, etc., and its brands such as “Hengyuanxiang”, “Cai Sheep” and “Xiao Yan”. As a large amount of use of wool in China and even the world, the use of wool in Hengyuanxiang Niannian is more than 10,000 tons. Hengyuanxiang’s warm and warm underwear fabrics are soft and comfortable, and it is worth starting from Baoma.


Hengyuanxiang and velvet thickened boys keep warm underwear. They use velvet thick fabrics. The fabric is soft and smooth, warm and comfortable, and not bloated. Adopt three -pin and six -line process, the wiring is flat, reducing the friction of the delicate skin of the baby, and the baby puts on warmth and comfort. 40S high -supported combed cotton, warm and warm, soft and comfortable. The inside uses soft and delicate and short velvet, the constant temperature is warm; There are also intimate design such as thread cuffs and comfortable round necks, which are warmer.

Scarecrow boy warm underwear suit

Brand: Scarecrow was founded in Mexico in 1981. It focuses on natural, leisurely, considerate, and elegant leather goods brands. It integrates independent design, research and development, production, sales, and brand promotion. It uses natural materials, free style, rustic, atmospheric, comfortable and elegant coexistence, with distinctive personal colors, reflecting the spirit of free and unruly life and humanities. Children’s children’s warm underwear won the love of Bao Bao Bao.

The fabric components of the heating underwear of the scarecrow are: 42%of the recycled cellulose fiber, 35%of polypropylene fiber, 18%cotton, and 5%spandex. Warm velvet lock, warm and comfortable. The shelf -type neckline, small round neck, softly fit the neck. High -bomb with you, firmly durable. Give the pants waist, firmly not easy to drop. There is also the heart -warming design of the front crotch.