As a 8G surfing player, like you, I often plant grass by various fashion bloggers and stars. Once there is any popular items, they always rush on the front line.

To say that this year I have been planted crazy about grass, that must be this

Lamb hair coat

Let’s say that this coat is really lift, and fully shows the goddess gas field of Wuli Reba.

There is also this milky white lamb hair. It will feel very common to control. In fact, the whole person looks huge after the upper body. With a bright bag, it must be a silver at the forefront of fashion ~


“羊羔毛 + 裙子”美哭了!冬天就要这么穿

Seeing others wearing good clothes, but I dare not try

It is because he is not confident in your face value and figure.

But it’s really really big! Take lamb hair, for example, there are many styles and color matching. Others just find the one that suits you. As long as you are attentive,

“羊羔毛 + 裙子”美哭了!冬天就要这么穿

You can also find your own destiny jacket.

Today, the grain is specifically shared with a lamb hairy jacket worthy of our start. There are many styles. There must be the one that belongs to you. Let’s take a look at it.

“羊羔毛 + 裙子”美哭了!冬天就要这么穿


“羊羔毛 + 裙子”美哭了!冬天就要这么穿

# #短

“羊羔毛 + 裙子”美哭了!冬天就要这么穿

The short model is also suitable for most people. Whether small or tall, it can highlight the proportion of the figure, so it is also

Entry lamb hairy jacket.

Usually when matching, only

You need to pay attention to modify the leg shape of the lower body

For example, straight pants or A -line skirts are very good.

Modify the version on the basis of short models, such as wider or adding a shoulder, etc., and have higher requirements for the body.

The wide version of the upper body can be lined with its original appearance

If it is an apple -shaped figure or a wide shoulder, it will feel strong, so the grains are not recommended.

“羊羔毛 + 裙子”美哭了!冬天就要这么穿

The style of lamb hair is now developing in more directions. For example, this kind of jacket is welcomed by the Student Party.

It can create a full look without effort.

Its tolerance will also be stronger, and it will not hide it perfectly because you have a lot of flesh on your body.

If you feel that the burden of pure hair is too heavy, you can also choose some coats with hairy hairs. For example, the fur that has been very popular in the past two years, that is, locomotive clothes, basically only the neckline and cuffs have a hair edge design.

But this version is relatively similar, few people choose to be extremely short, only suitable for the particularly good figure. If

If you want to try, you must wear a skirt

, Or modify the hips well wide -leg pants.

Compared to short models, this kind of conventional little cute people can directly close their eyes, especially

This kind of brown, not stepping on the mine, easy to match

“羊羔毛 + 裙子”美哭了!冬天就要这么穿

It is fashionable to wear casually!

“羊羔毛 + 裙子”美哭了!冬天就要这么穿

Usually the grains will be paired with light color, so that there is a kind of collision visually, and the sense of fashion is stronger!

The black leather clothes give people a very punk feeling. I immediately felt that the whole person became cool, as if not to match myself a pair of sunglasses, I was sorry for wearing today.

Want to weaken this sense of power,

The lower body can be neutralized with sportswear

It will be lighter and flexible in winter.


“羊羔毛 + 裙子”美哭了!冬天就要这么穿

# #

If you think you have a certain understanding of lamb hair, you can try to start with long models to match yourself.

Indeed to the short model, the long one must be more picky.

“羊羔毛 + 裙子”美哭了!冬天就要这么穿

However, it also depends on the specific length of the clothes. The one who just covers the PP is not suitable for the small man to wear, and the body is divided directly. There is no proportion at all.

The position of the knee is easy to step on the thunder. In addition to the tall, your leg shape is straight.

It is just that if the calf part is not good -looking, it directly affects the overall shape. For example, the muscle calf, such as granules, can only

“羊羔毛 + 裙子”美哭了!冬天就要这么穿

Make a decoration through the boots

Tight pants are completely unknown.

If the length is just over the calf, the small man can start trying, but it should also be noted that one thing that cannot be ignored is the waistline.

“羊羔毛 + 裙子”美哭了!冬天就要这么穿

Some jackets will bring their own waist rope, and the position of the waistline is obvious. With a long skirt at will, a hem is exposed,

The vertical ratio is stretched

The bloated feeling is reduced by half.

What if there is no belt? I still remember how to choose a coat with the little cute people before,

The position of the pocket is the top priority, it must be high

It is best to be the best at the top of the cheekbone.

Whether you are a button or open wear, this coat is very foreign. If you want to add some sense of layering, you can expose the inside in the neckline and cuffs, even in winter, it feels warm.

“羊羔毛 + 裙子”美哭了!冬天就要这么穿

Knowing that you all like to wear skirts, so the matching of skirts must be available.

Compared to heavy sweater skirts and knitted skirts, this

The floral skirt feels thinner and thinner

“羊羔毛 + 裙子”美哭了!冬天就要这么穿

The slimming of secretly is the most terrible.

Don’t worry about it, you must wear warm -keeping underwear in winter, we have to have the grace and temperature.



Don’t want to wear too dimly? It’s time to add some materials, colorful jackets are arranged!

“羊羔毛 + 裙子”美哭了!冬天就要这么穿

In fact, at the beginning, I was very exclusive to bright colors, and I always felt that it was not high enough. Later, I learned a lot, and I knew that you would not wear it at all.

This kind of purple is very eye -catching at a glance. Usually I do n’t buy it at all, but the little cute people who are very recommended for white skin to try, because it will make you spend the sky in winter.

“羊羔毛 + 裙子”美哭了!冬天就要这么穿

The proportion of jackets is too large, other inside and pants do not need too much color, and the accessories can occasionally echo.

In addition to the purple with high saturation, there is also this gray -tone blue. This is the white skin, yellow skin, and olives.

Take a high collar inside,

The combination of [tight+pine] looks like a sense of atmosphere

The only may be that it is not suitable for short necks and big heads.

If you don’t like pure color models, you can also lock your eyes on the plaid model, don’t have a charm.

This large grid comes with classic elements. It will not be outdated for a long time. It is suitable for most people to wear, paired with a pair of loose wide -leg pants, and the lazy and casual Fan Er will hold it.

Scotland’s plaid is very British feelings. Although new elements have been popular, it has never been surpassed.

“羊羔毛 + 裙子”美哭了!冬天就要这么穿

This kind of checkered can not be easily matched together, making you feel strange and distinctive. Even if you wear such a jacket alone, it is fashionable, and it instantly highlights the unique taste.

There are many types of jackets in winter, and now they are not cheap. You don’t have to pursue the number.

Choose one that suits you and digs a variety of combinations

You can also wear a different wonderful.