The IC-7300 is a full-mode and receiving letter of HF / 50MHz frequency band. Its size is small and lightweight. Many ham are selected as outdoor-mounted forms (240W × 94H × 238D, which weighs about 4.2 kg).

Today, the uncle BG5WKP of the Radio introduced the fifteen-year-old high school student from Aichi Prefecture, Japan, Hamashima (JS2AVK). He produced a portable set “IC-7300 Handy” for the IC-7300 to learn about it.

“At first, I always used FT-817 and FT-857 to conduct a connection on outdoor. Later, I wanted to use a compact multi-function 50W radio station, so I bought IC-7300 m, which weighs to 4 kg, but I think it is not possible to carry it. So I made a portable carrying system. “


At the venue on December 16th in Tokyo, at the “IC-9700 preliminary exhibition” of Akihabara, he came with the “IC-7300 Handy” sample.

The aluminum plate is fixed on both sides of the IC-7300, a handle is installed, and a conveyor belt is installed there. In the lower part of the front panel, fix folding into L -shaped aluminum plates, and provide

BNC outer antenna terminal

Essence To my surprise, Hamajima seemed to be making his own synthetic leather bag, which is exactly suitable.

Install the aluminum plate on both sides of the IC-7300, install the handle, and fix the conveyor belt. It also provides external antenna terminals. Original synthetic leather handbag.


Remove the handbag, you can see the entire internal situation. On the back of the IC-7300 (bottom), the storage space set on the battery by the U-shaped aluminum plate is processed. It is a fixed-lock-locking aluminum plate side, which can be easily removed.

The battery uses a lithium polymer battery (11.1 V 5200 MAH)



I took off my handbag. You can see that the bottom provides battery installation space

You can use patch lock to remove the battery installation space. You can also understand how to expand the external antenna terminal. The battery uses a lithium polymer battery (11.1 V 5200 MAH)

The production process is still struggling. “At the beginning, the only fixed Mobil bracket aluminum plate has been being fixed on both sides of the IC-7300. It can reduce the load of the aluminum plate hole. However, the thickness of the aluminum plate is as thin as 1.5mm and cannot meet the rigid demand. Later, 3mm changed the aluminum plate.

In fact, the improvement of Hamamajima’s IC-7300 portable equipment was also published in the “monthly FB news” in November 2018. However, when compared with the article, it is clear that it has achieved “further development”, such as vertical operations. The pursuit of ease of use is still continuously improved and improved.


Use the whip antenna, the classic “GAWANT” of Pinchuan Hanke Club


By the way, the whipped antenna is the “Gawant” of Shinagawa Hanco Club. It is one that can

14 MHz or higher frequency band tuning antenna


,but it

Can’t bear 50 W output

So use it to do it


operate. In the case of the current lithium polymer battery, it can be operated by 5W for about 2 hours.

“IC-7300 Handy”, total schedules


5 kg

Essence The 15 -year -old ham was enthusiastic about radio, and Hamajima was interviewed with a smile.