Recently, the Korean drama “Inner Beauty” has been revisited, and the love story of Xu Daozai and the Korean world is sweet to bubbling. No matter what you look like, I can recognize you at a glance in the crowd. what! But, I do n’t know why, Xiaobian, who has always liked the protagonist, has been on the sub -CP of the show. The domineering female president loves the puppy’s drama. It is a textbook -style domineering side leak!

The tailored suit is noble and cold to wear. The shoulder design on the suit is very imposing, and the general word is one word -beauty. Throughout the whole drama, the editor found that Miss Li Duoxi had a soft spot for the shoulder pads. Various styles and colors were always very suitable for her. Is there any excitement to see this? Today we came to talk about the shoulders and captured this fashion giant ridge together.

A long time ago about the two or three things about the shoulder pads

Before the official start, let’s take a look at the origin of the shoulder pad. The earliest shoulder pad originated from the period of King George I (17-18 century), and shoulder the shoulder-to-body shape. Because George I was perfect for other aspects, the only disadvantage was that there were some slippery shoulders, so the ordered people made a fake shoulder sewing on the underwear to create a tall and powerful image. The shoulder was born in an unexpected way.


It wasn’t until World War II’s shoulders became the new favorite of women. Pushing the shoulder to a peak was Elsa Schiaparelli, who was as famous as Coco Chanel at the time. Elsa SchiaParelli referenced the design of the shoulder pads for the first time. The shoulder design exaggerate the width of women’s shoulders, so the waist lines are more slender.


The emergence of shoulder pads again was in the 1980s. Although women at that time had little achievements in their work, they still dominated. Therefore, in order to enhance the strong and capable of women’s savvy and capable, the shoulders came into being! Mrs. Sachel in the United Kingdom, Princess Diana used shoulder clothing as her choice of attending important occasions. In addition to the image of a strong woman in politics and work, more women feel that the fashionable sense of shoulder is unmatched by other designs. Therefore, there are more and more categories of shoulder clothing clothing and color.


Features of the shoulder

1. Modify the shoulder lines from the visual effect


When you carefully observe the body’s shoulders, you will find that most human shoulders are oblique, and the clothing of clothing can be thick and full of shoulder, improve or extend the line lines, so that the wearer’s shoulders are flat, stiff and beautiful, and beautiful. Essence Therefore, the biggest advantage of shoulder elements is that it can increase shoulder width and help girls with bad head and shoulders to shape the perfect head -shoulder ratio.


2. Change the overall outline of the clothing from the aesthetic effect

Although the shoulder pads are small, it has a great impact on the overall appearance of the clothing. The reasonable selection and application of the shoulder pad can effectively improve the overall quality of the clothing. The appearance of beautifying the clothing is comfortable. The application range of the shoulder pads is also very wide. As long as it is worn by clothing, you can consider putting the shoulder. Whether it is a jacket, a suit or a sweater sweater, and a shoulder element, immediately go to the latest cutting edge of the 2019 show.

How to choose shoulder pads

After understanding the definition of shoulder pads and the development of a small history, it should be the most popular “buy, buy, buy” session. Since the shoulder pads are so beautiful and versatile, how can we choose a suitable for ourselves? Today we are mainly divided from shoulders and fabrics to look down with the editor ~


1. The three -dimensional sense of the shoulder pads


1. Suggestion of towering shoulder pads: slippery people

How to judge whether you are slipped? We look at the angle between the horizontal line and the shoulder line of the neck and neck of the neck and neck. Less than equal to 15 degrees is flat shoulder, and greater than equal to 20 degrees is slippery shoulder. In fact, simply speaking, the lines of the shoulders are smooth, and there will be obvious turning points in flat shoulders. The main function of the shoulder element is to increase the shoulder width and shape a good head -shoulder ratio, so the towering shoulder -length clothing will be the best weapon for neutralization. Isn’t it just a flat shoulder? For example, a small suit on the shoulder is designed on the shoulders, weakening the feeling of slippery shoulder.

2. Suggestion of Tibetan Shoulder Padding: narrow shoulder people

Unlike the large skeleton in Europe and Americans, domestic girls generally have more narrow shoulders. The most direct way to increase the width of the shoulder is to wear decorative clothes to increase the width of the shoulders from horizontally. This highly decorative top is a welfare of narrow -shoulder girls. For example, the small suit with a taper -paved shoulder pads, and the items with shoulder -shoulder skirts all have the effect of modifying the shoulders, so they can increase the width of the shoulder through them. In short, when you buy clothes with narrow shoulders, you must let the shoulder lines wide up. You should choose the fabric of the clothes as much as possible, so that the version can support the shoulder.

Second, the fabric of picking the shoulder is adopted

1. Emphasize the thick fabric of the silhouette


Suggestion: thin little crowd

When we choose, we still need to choose a relatively stiff fabric. After all, the highlights of the hard fabric are more direct, and the three -dimensional effect it brings is more direct. The main thing is that because of the three -dimensional attributes, the shoulder -pad design is very easy to damage the fabric of the velvet material during the process of washing. The price of the fabric is relatively large. If you want to be simple and easy -going, you should start with common suit fabrics. However, the hard -standing fabric is not suitable for slightly fat girls, it will be fatter.

2. Soft fabrics that emphasize comfort


Suggestion: Fat fat crowd


Soft fabrics, such as knitted and silk satin. The hand is silky, tough, and very high in making clothes. Although it will lose some hair, it is soft and skin -friendly after cleaning. In addition, the shoulder -pad suit of velvet fabrics, in the retro neutral, with a little femininity, absolutely comes with a high -level sense bonus, so this soft fabric is very suitable for slightly fat girls and can modify the shape.


Shoulder element wearing guide

After that, the choice of shoulder elements, let’s talk about its matching problems in detail. After all, a reasonable match can make you more picky as a whole. If you always encounter matching problems in the process of dressing, let’s take a look at the matching problem with me.

1. Fall shoulder on the dress

The most appeared shoulder -padding items are the shoulder -pad dress. No matter what the figure can be worn by the middle and long shoulder -dresses, it can be said that it is the most versatile “30th item”. The neck is short, or a girl who is not as thin as an hourglass -shaped figure. You can choose a big shoulder -pad dress with a larger neckline. Suitable for girls with slightly fat or round faces ~ If you are born thin and have a swan neck, then you can boldly choose a high -necked dress, but don’t forget to use a large earrings to modify the face shape.


2. Falling the shoulder on the suit


Regardless of the reincarnation of fashion, the shoulder -to -heel suit is always the most classic CP group. The suits of the shoulder element are added, which is different from the impression of the working outfit of a strong rigid board before. You can have a greater aura and show your personal characteristics more ~ ​​At the same time, you must consider the proportion of the whole body. After all, a certain width has appeared on the upper body. We try to ensure that the lower body should be slender as much as possible. This is fashionable. In the choice of style, we try not to choose the hot wide -leg style, because this style is loose and matched with the shoulder -pad suit, which will reduce the display of the overall dressing layer. it is good.

3. Fall shoulder on a denim jacket

In fact, the denim short jacket is useful throughout the year. It can be used to make different shapes in spring and summer. In autumn and winter, it is also quite high for to make a variety of layers. The denim short jacket with the element of the shoulder is even more full of personality. COOL is flying! It seems that it doesn’t matter if you lose weight this year. After all, small leather clothes and pilot jackets, as long as you can think of, can “pad” to create a thin shoulder -to -minute thing!

At this point, I finished the content of today. Do you choose the match for you? Follow the editor a little bit every day, becoming a trendy girl to be on the corner! If you have any questions or better matching suggestions, please leave a message to the editor in the comment area!