Just in early summer, the temperature rose higher than the day and one day, and the temperature increased.


air conditioner



Summer is just like this

Such a hot day, swimming is definitely the first choice for cooling

But after all, it is going to go out in the end. In this summer when you go out, in addition to the parasol, the small fan is also a must -have for the summer elimination artifact when going out.


So how do you choose an electric fan that is handy and cheap? Please today, the protagonist–


BENKS Multifunctional Handheld Portal Fan

Comes with a base, holding dual use, small and convenient, high value, it is an ideal type of heat -relieving artifact.


It is not only outstanding, but also super practical:

3350mAh battery, 13 hours ultra -strong battery life, not afraid of heat everywhere


Low noise, whispering softly, there is a slightest problem with sleeping wood quietly.

Comes with a base, hold dual use, small and convenient, diverse usage

Autonomous mobile phone bracket, liberating hands are as simple as that


I have confirmed my eyes, it is the anti -heat artifact I are looking for

White, pink, blue, purple, green, there is always a color that suits you and is common for men and women, there is always one of your dishes


And simple and generous, where the most beautiful babies are


The weight of 168g has no weight of a mobile phone, and there is a cool wind to accompany anywhere.

And the super small body, it is very convenient to carry and storage

Five pieces far away from the feather pages, slow and soft wind, fast and wide wind, more comfortable to blow

Hidden base, multi -state adapt to your state, and you can change your mobile phone support in seconds

It is not only a powerful power supply, it is also very convenient to use it with the charging

Lao Luo bring goods, quality assurance

Outstanding performance, the face value is bursting, it is so beautiful. What are the reasons not to take it home?

Click below and buy immediately

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BENKS small fan quiet office table table portable USB charging mini handheld strong wind power student electric fan

¥ 58