Many people think that as long as we brush our teeth every morning and evening, it is enough to maintain our oral health. With an electric toothbrush, the efficiency of cleaning the oral cavity is higher, and the dental floss is not needed.

But in fact, it’s not.

Brushing can effectively clean the plaque, soft dirt and food residue on the teeth, and the electric toothbrush is used by the method of power -driven. but

The clean range of toothbrushes is limited.

Each teeth have 5 noodles, and brushing can usually only clean 3 noodles. The situation of the adjacent surface between the teeth and the teeth is usually invisible. The tooth gap and gum margin are prone to hide bacteria and tartar, but the bristles cannot be cleaned. One of the reasons.

At this time, you need to use the dental floss.


When eating the teeth seam, the dental floss can be pulled out of the residue stuck between the teeth through the teeth. The deposits of stones.

Dr. Shantou Stomatological Medical Center reminds: Use an electric toothbrush to clean your teeth every morning and evening, and use dental floss to help clean the food residues and plaque in the gap with dental floss after meals. Oral hygiene will be cleaner.


Some patients asked: Will the teeth be larger with a dental floss?


Actually not!

Although the gaps are relatively close, they are not connected. In addition, the teeth itself has a certain physiological dynamics. When the force is moved, it will move slightly back and forth, left and right, and the dental floss can use this to enter smoothly.

And the dental floss is mostly made of cotton, hemp, silk, nylon or polyester. The standard dental floss thickness is less than 0.15 mm, and the thickness of the narrowing teeth is far less. It will not make the teeth larger.


The clinical seam becomes large and is also called the widening of the gap. Under normal circumstances, the gum nipples fill the gap.

If the teeth are normal, it gradually becomes larger over time, which may be caused by the following two reasons:


1. The most common cause is periodontal disease. The periodontal tissue is stimulated by dental stones, plaque, etc., leading to inflammation. The clinical symptoms of alveolar bone absorption, gum retracting, and loose teeth will make the gaps grow larger and larger. Weekly system treatment, removing local stimulus factors, and maintaining periodontal conditions no longer deteriorate.

2. Long -term food olored can also shrink the gum nipples, and the patient will feel that the teeth will become larger, and the use of toothpicks will further stimulate the gums.

Food olored should be cleaned with dental floss, while actively solving the problem of food olics. If it is a food captive caused by caries, it needs to be treated. If it is caused by inconsistent foods, the normal adjacent relationship between the two teeth can be restored by orthodontics.