cob led

Jan 01,2022 features a broad collection of intensely powerful, robust and durable cob led for all types of major lighting purposes. They are provided with in-built advanced technology for consistent performance and error-free functioning. The cob led  have chips on board and bare fitted LED that emits vibrant lights capable of performing industrial-scale purposes. These cob led are primarily used as grow lights for vegetation, bay lights, rail-track lights and many more.

The distinct variations of the cob led on the site are sturdy in their quality and are sustainable against demanding uses, offering cost-effective options for businesses. These cob led are available in multiple designs, shapes and light colors depending on the product models and you can choose the best one in terms of your requirements. The full-spectrum cob led come with low thermal resistance and offer better stability.

At, you can get your hands on incredible cob led that are available with options for wall mounting, post mounting, and come with an extended working life. These cob led are easy to install, provided with heat dissipation functions and are also equipped with switch buttons for some select models. The cob led are also used as a headlight for vehicles due to the high-density lighting power and help them in viewing distant positions when driving in the fog. 

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