In the cold winter, if you want to wear fashion and warmth, ordinary people cannot just consider the choice of tops, but also pay attention to the matching and shoes. Like in winter, there is no more fashionable and cold item than short boots. It will not make an error with straight pants or small foot pants. As well as

This method of matching is not only not picking people, but also very simple and practical. Whether wearing coats, down jackets or suits, this pair of combinations can shape a more stylish street dress. Straight pants+short boots, small feet pants+short boots, wearing temperature and relics this winter, let’s take a look!


1. Straight pants+short boots

This pair of partners is very common in daily life. After all, straight pants are suitable for girls with all figures. Many people will worry about because their legs are not slender or straight, so you can choose straight pants. No need to worry about exposed leg defects.

In winter, most straight pants are made of denim. Of course, in addition to denim straight pants, you can also choose a suit straight pants and woolen straight pants, but denim straight pants are the most easy to shape the fashionable and stylish street feeling.

And most denim has a tough material and has better shaping effects. Girls with thick thighs and valga valgus can try this type of denim straight pants, and choose black, gray or blue.

Devere straight pants are divided into small straight tube and large straight tube according to different trousers. You can choose according to your needs.

For example, if the legs are thick, choose large straight pants, and the legs are slender and use small straight jeans to shape the slender and smooth leg line.


However, when pairing with short boots, you need to make the corresponding choice according to the looseness of jeans. Like small straight jeans, it is more suitable for cigarette pipe short boots, thick heel ankle boots, and large straight jeans can try combined Martin boots.

In this way, whether it is a long coat or a down jacket, it can use leather boots to improve the warmth effect, and also make the matching more advanced.


In addition, the small straight trousers itself is thinner and narrow. It is recommended that you choose more nine -point, or stuffed the legs into the short boots, which is conducive to highlighting the sense of decoration.


Big straight jeans or wide -leg jeans are recommended to roll up the pants legs, and paired with socks to create a visual wide and narrow difference, which is high and thin.

Second, small foot pants+short boots

Although small feet pants are not as fashionable as other people’s pants, they have always occupied a place in women’s wear, and they will never lose.


Generally speaking, small feet pants are more suitable for girls with slender legs and show their legs. However, in winter, girls with thick legs or not straight can also be used with small foot pants with short boots. A coat or long trench coat can cover the disadvantages of the leg shape.

And the connection between small foot pants and short boots will be smoother, with some thick down jackets and coats to easily resolve bloating.

Because the most prominent feature of small feet pants is the slim -fitting of the pants and can highlight the leg lines, when choosing the color, it is recommended to start with the thinnest and practical black and dark gray, such as black tight leggings, dark gray tight jeans.


This kind of small foot pants are very practical. With different short boots and jackets, it can create a different style.

Like a girl who likes British retro style, you can use a checkered long coat to combine black pants, with black Martin boots fashion and artistic. If you like elegant and light cooked wind, you need to choose more ankle boots or thick heel boots. And show temperament.

Of course, the pair of small -footed pants and short boots is best to use the same color to combine the feet and calves, and stretch the legs.

Third, the main points of short boots style


Short boots have a high appearance rate in winter. If ordinary people do not want to make mistakes, they can follow the two points below when picking money.

1. Choose more black boots

There are many color boots, such as white, beige, milk camel, khaki or black. The black model is the most versatile. No matter how you wear it, it is not easy to make mistakes with black boots.

In addition, black boots and black straight pants and small foot pants can be used to shape long -legged lines with the help of smooth colors.

2. Wear Martin boots more


Martin boots are classic and have a sense of streets. Most of the Martin boots use flat bottom models, and the boots are thin and narrow. It can form a loose contrast with straight pants, with small feet pants and neat fashion.

Conclusion: Among many matching methods, straight pants+short boots, small foot pants+boots can stand out, not only because of simple and convenient, but also because it can make ordinary people wear more warm and fashionable. If you like it, you may wish to learn from it!

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