Many partners know Zhang Liang from the show “Where’s the First Season of Dad”. He not only has a strong sense of variety and superb cooking skills, but also as a supermodel. The feeling of the field, the charm of the shape is very outstanding.


The effect of using a checkered shirt is also very eye -catching, and the shape is also very domineering. It fully shows the temperament of his supermodel. This aura cannot be interpreted.

Although the checkered shirt is a very classic item. If the temperament is not good, it is difficult to create a bright shape, but for Zhang Liang, who often appears in the International Fashion Week, any item can be worn on him. It shows the characteristics, even if it is a grid shirt that many partners are considered to be a “straight man” item, they can also create a fashionable fan.

In fact, it is also very displayed in spring shirts in spring. After all, this classic item can make the shape more artistic and fashionable. A combination like Zhang Liang is also worth trying.

Checked shirt+jeans created male model


It is a good way to match the plaid shirt in the spring, so that the shape can be better controlled, but the inside should be simpler. You can choose a solid sweater, according to the changes in the weather. T -shirts or sweaters, the effect of the upper body will appear overall.


The jeans selected by Zhang Liang are tight -fitting models, which will be higher in the body shape. After all, this version of the pants is very figure. With the tights, it can easily show Zhang Liang’s perfect figure.


The process effect of jeans tore patch makes the shape more unique and presents a fashionable attitude. However, for partners with bad figures, pants can choose a straight or cone style, so that the shape will be more versatile.

The loose version of the checkered shirt makes the shape more fashionable, and the form of “upper width and narrow” also perfectly interprets the male temperament. The shape of tight jeans with leather boots has always been masculine, and the shape looks very tough. With a gentleman hat, the shape looks very domineering.

“Father has no dogs” -13 -year -old son Zhang Yuexuan is close to one meter eight


13 -year -old Zhang Yuexuan inherited his father Zhang Liang’s genes, especially in the aspect of height. Zhang Yuexuan reached 1.7 meters tall when he was 12 years old. In the recent variety show, he can also see his height It has been close to one meter eight and shows a good image.


It can be seen from the photo that Zhang Liang, who is 188cm tall, is only half a head taller than Zhang Yuexuan. At this time, Zhang Yuexuan looks a little higher than the 172cm teacher, and I have to say that this gene is really good.

With his father’s appearance with his father, the shape of the two is also very fashionable and dazzling. They are wearing a sweater to create a trend. Zhang Liang’s yellow sweater with a loose stripe mopped trousers, the shape looks very young and fashionable, standing together with Zhang Yuexuan is also like a brother.

Indeed, Zhang Liang’s figure is very good, and the outstanding fashion temperament, so each look is very attractive. Zhang Yuexuan also inherited Zhang Liang’s genes well. Although only 13 years old, his fashion expression was also outstanding.

The shape of Zhang Yuexuan sweater with sports pants is very vibrant, and the shape creates black and white tones, so the visual effect is very unified and the whole, easily shows the trendy style. This combination is very suitable for young fashion icons.


The style of wearing a suit is also very elegant and handsome. In addition, the dividing heart -shaped bangs hairstyle left with literature and art, the overall temperament of the shape is very good. This does not see that it is a 13 -year -old child.

In fact, suits are also a single product that can optimize the proportion of the figure. As long as the version is selected, the effect of the shape will become more perfect. Just like in Zhang Yuexuan’s shape, the stiff and stylish suit obviously made his posture more handsome and upright.

The long legs of the father and son in the shape are really enviable. I believe that Zhang Yuexuan will surprise everyone in this regard in the future.


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