From the birth of the lock, the key is accompanied by it. The tradition of opening a key for thousands of years has been for thousands of years, but the wheel of science and technology civilization is constantly moving forward. From scratch, it is a progress. Fingerprint, facial, and sound unlocking is also a progress. Now that the world has entered the era of intelligence, traditional door locks will eventually become history, smart door locks are rising, and now they can indeed put aside the keys.

Is the era of smart door locks coming? In fact, the sales of the 618 smart door lock in 2021 in the past 2021 can be seen. De Schmman, the head brand of the smart door lock industry, took 15 firsts in 618, and the sales volume of the entire network exceeded 100,000 units, an increase of over 118%year -on -year. Another Internet company Xiaomi smart door lock product sales also exceeded 200 million yuan.

The popularity of the market will inevitably attract capital attention. In April this year, the smart door lock brand “KAADAS Cadast” completed nearly $ 100 million in Series B strategic financing. From the public information, this is the highest amount of financing in the smart door lock industry as of now.

In the era of intelligence, smart door locks are also a big trend. So what are the charm of smart door locks, the many industry giants “bidding”?

The golden age of smart door locks

When the sound of the interconnection of all things spread to the home industry, traditional home companies woke up, and the original smart home is the future direction of the home industry! Smart home cakes exceeding 100 billion yuan not only attracted the traditional home furnishing industry, but some Internet technology companies and home appliance companies also followed smart home home. For a while, smart speakers, smart TVs, and smart curtains appeared in people’s vision. The first entrance to the home -smart door locks are naturally optimistic about many players.


According to data from the National Lock Information Center, the development of my country’s smart door lock industry around 2000 will be developed. By 2015, there were about 600 smart door lock companies in my country, and more than 2,000 in 2018. By 2019, the smart door lock industry broke out of the “Thousand Locks War”. The industry’s shuffling began to accelerate and continued to go out of the company, but there were also new entryrs to join. By 2020, the smart door lock brand has exceeded 2,000 There are more than a thousand manufacturers.

The smart door lock market has gradually been activated with the influx of players. According to the “2019 China Smart Door Half -annual Daily” of the National Lock Information Center, the production and sales of the national smart lock industry in 2019 were 7.6 million units, with a total scale of 100-15 billion yuan. By 2020, China’s smart door lock sales were about 16.4 million units, a year -on -year increase of 17%. The online sales of smart door locks from January to February this year were 392,000 units, an increase of 155%year -on -year.


The rapid development of the smart door lock industry is not only because it may be the entrance and control center of smart homes in the future, but also an important reason is that the emergence of smart door locks solves the “pain point” of people going out with keys. Smart door locks liberate people from the restraint of traditional keys. The safety and protectiveness of the family have been greatly improved, and life becomes more convenient and intelligent.

The current smart door lock has a variety of unlocking functions such as fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, magnetic card unlocking, and facial recognition, which directly helps people get rid of the fear of being dominated by the key. In addition, the operation of smart door locks is relatively simple, and it is also more friendly to the elderly and children, which has won the favor of a large number of families.

Not only that, compared with the traditional mechanical door lock, the structure of smart door locks is more complicated and difficult to solve, and many brands of network smart door locks have video and alarm functions when they are damaged by brute. The security of property is more guaranteed.

The stumbling block of the smart door lock era

According to statistics from the Sutu Research Institute, the first factor in consumers’ purchase of smart door locks is the first is security. Indeed, no matter what the door lock looks like, the user’s first consideration is the most basic security anti -theft function of the door lock.

Although the smart door lock claims that there are many safe and anti -theft black technology, from time to time, news has revealed that the security door locks have not failed to meet the standards. When the “Thousand Locks War” occurred in the smart door lock industry in 2019, 38 smart door (Gett, Kenzo, etc.) sold by Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei The lock was tested, and no smart door lock was completely qualified. Once the news was broadcast, consumers were uproar, and people’s trust in smart door locks dropped to its extreme.

In fact, the security of smart door locks can meet people’s life safety needs, but there are more than 2,200 Chinese smart door lock companies in 2019. They are full of admission players on a young track that has not grown up in smart door locks. These players can be divided into three categories: traditional door lock companies, including De Schiman, Jin Finger, Huitai Long, etc.; Cross -border home appliance companies, such as Philips, Haier Zhijia, TCL, etc. 360, Samsung and other companies are represented.

There are rivers and lakes where there are people. After the entry of Internet companies, they immediately burned money to market with strong capital and fought price wars. For example, 360 and Xiaomi have launched smart door locks of thousands of dollars within a thousand yuan. The price of the average smart door lock of 2000-3000 yuan was pulled down at once. Other SMEs in the industry have neither capital nor technology. In order to survive in the market, they can only fight the giants with a scalp.

At the same time, the price is reduced at the same time as the cost is reduced. If the cost is not compressed, then the company still cannot survive. Therefore, many small and medium -sized enterprises choose to move their brains on raw materials, so the market is full of smart door locks with a large amount of quality. With the exposure of the Consumers Association, the smart door lock industry was once again pushed to the cusp of public opinion.

In addition to the decline in product quality caused by malignant competition, on the one hand, the threshold of the smart door lock industry is low and the problem of homogeneity is serious. The parts of smart door locks include hardware, panels, circuit boards, display screens, and lock cores. These parts are mature in the industrial upstream, and the price is relatively cheap. Enterprises only need to purchase assembly work. In addition, communication protocols such as Bluetooth, ZigBee, WIFI, NB-IoT, etc. involved in electronic modules are also relatively basic development technologies, and it is easier for enterprises to master.

The lower entry threshold for smart door locks, simple components assembly, in exchange for thousands of dollars or even higher prices. Among them, rich profits undoubtedly make many small and medium -sized enterprises crazy. Many big brands are also moving, and they choose to make foundries and use the OEM and ODM models to enter the chaotic smart door lock industry to share a share.

The foundries found by each enterprise are mixed, and the smart door locks made are also mixed with fish eyes, which is difficult to distinguish between good or bad. These uneven smart door locks flow into the market, which will inevitably occur from time to time. This is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the entire smart door lock industry. If you search for a smart door lock on the black cat complaint, you will find that there are many complaints about smart door locks such as Xiaomi, De Schimi, Kaidi, and Luke. It’s right.


According to data, as of 2019, the penetration rate of domestic smart door locks on the home side is less than 3%, compared with about 40%in Europe and the United States, and about 70%of Japan and South Korea. Although the low penetration rate means that the development potential of smart door locks on the C -end in the future, this also means that the entire industry requires more time and funds to do a good job in the market and users. Completely developed.

The market of smart door locks has not yet reached the outbreak, and the horn of competition has already sounded. Now, after the Qianjia brand and enterprises have experienced a round of industry shuffle, how much can they be left in the future?

Open the “Golden Key” in the smart door lock market

There is no doubt that the era of smart door locks has arrived, but the market of smart door locks has not completely erupted. If the stumbling block of the smart door lock is not solved, the market of smart door locks will be difficult to open thoroughly, which requires the entire industry to make changes together.

Top -level design and jungle law

In response to the endless “stepping on” incidents of smart door locks on the market, first of all, the policy level has taken the lead. The safety standards and quality requirements have been clearly stipulated. I believe that in the near future, the smart door lock industry will usher in a major change.

Secondly, the smart door lock industry should not be passively supervised. It should take the initiative to improve the quality of the product, do the product control problems of the product, change the price war into a quality war and service war, and drive the inferiority to allow consumers to regain the smart door locks. The trust of the industry.

Even if the entry barrier of the smart door lock industry is very low, companies must increase their research and development efforts to work hard on the quality and appearance design of the hardware, and develop their own patented technology in network security communication to achieve industry differentiation and establish a belonging to The company’s own moat.


In the more fierce and cruel competition in the future, if companies do not have their own “unique cheats”, they are destined to be eliminated by the strong. This is the jungle law of the smart door lock industry.

Maintain the brand’s feathers

When the quality of the entire smart door lock industry is uneven, if the company wants to stand out from the uniform smart door lock industry, it must not only work hard on the quality, but also rely on the quality of the strong product to do a good job of shaping and maintenance of corporate brand image.

In the industry, Xiaomi is famous for its cost -effective, and the product quality is also relatively good. Therefore, consumers have some sense of recognition of the Xiaomi brand. Xiaomi = cost -effective = quality. A large number of brands of loyal fans are willing to pay for it. This is the power generated by the brand. Of course, the most fundamental shaping of this brand image is the support of the product behind it.

Use the service to move people’s hearts

While continuously growing online sales, installation and after -sales have become the “pain points” of many users. Many “hand -disabled party” said from the Internet to the smart door lock that they would not install it, and when the smart door lock failed, if there was no offline after -sales service, users could only be “rejected”. This pair of consumption The experience is very poor.


The particularity of smart door locks requires companies to do offline after -sales. Large factories in the smart door lock industry such as Xiaomi, Cadids, and De Schman have their own after -sales service centers. Consumers are not worried about the problem of installation and maintenance. It was resolved to solve the worries of consumers, and enterprises can naturally achieve long -term development.

Another approach to open up the new continent


In the end, the company can also expand the category to realize the diversified smart door locks of the product. The track of the product is full of players staring at the door of the home. The smart door locks that have been developed for so long have long achieved breakthroughs in technology. It can be applied in places such as locks, drawer locks, carriage locks and other places. Rare opportunity.

At the end: The golden age of smart door locks has indeed arrived, but the market has not yet reached the outbreak. The wave of shuffling in the smart door lock industry is still continuing. For enterprises, only by relying on innovative technologies and safe and high -quality products, and perfect after -sales service, can we not be abandoned by the market. The victory is not divided, and who can laugh at the end in the future.