Today I will share with you the original canvas handbag tutorial of Liu Liu. The large bag of this shoulder strap zipper is very good. It can be used on the street, school, and work.


The author shares the detailed production process with us, and is attached to the size of the fabric to help you learn the basic production process of the bag. He also teaches you that the tutorial of the zipper of the bag of the bag (the tutorial link is at the end of the article at the end of the article (the tutorial link is at the end of the article Daily recommendation), today this article can combine the real objects to help everyone strengthen the production of large bags of zippers. Recommended handmade friends to learn.

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Original title: Original: Canvas handbag tutorial

Original from: Sina Blog

Tutorial Author: Liu Liu

Go first

This bag has been given away, and now I only have a few pictures. However, someone appreciates my work, and I am very happy, even though I was so reluctant every time I was delivered. .. .. .. .. ..

It’s far away, let’s go home!

1. Prepare materials

Two tables and lining: 40*30cm

Two lining and lining: 40*30cm

Two zip fabrics and lining: 8*32cm

Bag mouth cloth and two pieces: 5*44cm

One piece of inner bag (no lining): 28*16cm

A zipper: 30cm long or more

Hands: Two


Second, hot lining reinforcement

: Except for the inner bag, other fabrics should be hot. After the zipper cloth is hot, fold it into double, fold the 1cm at both ends, and sew the car.

Need to explain

: Two cloths of the zipper, the lining is 2cm shorter than the zipper cloth, only 30cm longer, and the two ends have 1cm each when hot.

Third, make Libu inner bag:

1. Stall the inner bag on the library first;

2. The upper part of the inner bag is sewed with the lace, and then sewed to a piece of library.

There is no detail of this step, only the picture after the car is good. In order to make the MMs see a little clearly, I put things on the three side to shoot.


Fourth, the carbag seam:


Two pieces are placed in each other, and four corners are fixed with bead needles. Three edges of the car seam are drawn first to draw the car stitching, and the sewing portion is 1.2cm.

Five, the pyramid grasping angle:

1. The stitching of the carbags should be scald first, fold the sewing to both sides;

2. Then grab the triangle on the bottom of the two sides, that is, the sewing of the car suture on the suture of the bottom of the car should be aligned and fix it with a bead needle;


3. Draw a triangle of 8cm on the bottom side of the car stitching. After drawing a good line, the drawing line is drawn along the 8cm drawing line. The two ends need to be returned to the side. The sewing needle sews the sewing of the triangle and the side.

6. Make watch bag:

1. After folding the triangles on both sides, the shape of the bag will come out;

2. The method of the outer bag is the same as the bag. The difference is that the sewing of the outer bag is 1.0cm. The outer bag you make must be turned over.

3. Put the lily in the bag in the watch bag to see the size effect.


Seven, making bag mouth zipper

(After saying: This step will help you review the production of large bag zippers, focusing on learning content.)


1. First sew the zipper with the two zipper fabrics, one car flat zipper cloth, and the other end, fold the car inward and fix it inward, leaving two or three cm long and cut off.

(My two zippers are not flattened. Fortunately, it is inside.


2. Two cloths on the zipper and the bag of the bag are sewed;

Sewing should take the four central points first, and the center point should be aligned so that the zipper will not be crooked.

3. The stitching of the bag and the outer bag should also pay attention to the central point;

4. After the suture is sutured, the two ends of the bag of the bag are sewn;

5. Turn over and it becomes.

8. Make your hand.

Use the available cortex handle to choose a suitable position, and start with the fourth hole.


Nine, upper bag

1. Meng at the height of the stitching of the stitching of the stitching of the stitching of the zipper fabric, and fold the bag in that height, fold and blanch it in order to be flat.

2. Put the inside bag in the outer bag and align the center points on both sides.

3. Sew, even if the whole bag is ready. The position of the bag of the bag should be hot.


Ten, complete map

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