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Recently, the cold and humid weather has caused many people to “rheumatism” again, causing joint pain, swelling discomfort, unfavorable flexion, etc. Some people even laugh at themselves as “human meat weather forecast”, every weather change, such as the humid weather in the rainy rain. , Cold air coming, etc., will be “rheumatoid arthrodia”, where the knee joint is the most influential joint.

The “rheumatoid disease” defined by western medicine refers to a general term in the category of diseases, which generally refers to a set of diseases that affect bone, joints and surrounding soft tissues, such as muscle, bursa, tendon, fascia, and nerves. Its causes can be infectious, immune, metabolic, endocrine, degeneration, geographical environment, hereditary, and tumor.

Most patients believe that “rheumatism” belongs to the “paralysis” category of traditional Chinese medicine. It is due to wind, cold, humidity, heat and other evil qi to block the meridians, which affects the operation of qi and blood, leading to pain in the limbs and bones, joints, muscles and other places. , Evergreen, sour, numb, or a disease with symptoms such as unfavorable joint flexion, stiffness, swelling, deformation and other symptoms.

In fact, the “rheumatism” joint pain in the mouth of many patients refers to joints


Essence Its early clinical characteristics include:

Joint swelling, pain and tenderness. In the early stage, mild or moderate intermittent pain, improved after rest, and worsen after the activity. It can also be realized into joint swelling.

Morning stiffness: When the morning rises, the joints are stiff and uncomfortable, and it is relieved after the activity.


Bone friction sound (sensory): Due to the destruction of joint cartilage and uneven joint surface, bone friction sound (sensory) occurs during activity, and even “click” sound.


Causes of recurrence or aggravation of knee arthritis:


Degeneration and wear of cartilage, the sliding between bones and bones during joint movement lacks the buffer of the cartilage. Therefore, the symptoms of joint pain, swelling, and stiffness occur.

The knee joint is the largest load -bearing joint of the human body, with an average load of 35 kg, and lacks the protection of muscle and adipose tissue.

Rising humidity will reduce the heat production of the body, and the cold can cause the blood circulation of the joints of the joints to decrease, resulting in a decrease in the production of knee joint. Changes can be worse.


Mild knee osteoarthritis

Treatment is mainly based on drug treatment and adaptive movements. Commonly used drugs for knee joints include oral non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs, external patch, and sodium glass acid in the joints.

Moderate knee arthritis


The main treatment of minimally invasive and repair surgery, including knee mirror cleanup, joint cartilage repair and clockbone interception surrounding knee joints.

Severe knee arthritis

Partial replacement of the knee joint and full knee joint replacement.

Scientific protection method

Weight control

Reducing weight can significantly improve the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis in the early and middle periods. Generally speaking, it can see the significant effect of 5%-8%of the weight.


keep warm

Knee joints and sloling film are all tissue structures with abundant blood supply. In the cold environment, the blood vessels are shrinking coldly, which will not be conducive to blood transportation, which will affect the survival of cartilage cells and accelerate the process of osteochrital arthritis. Therefore, soaking in hot springs, hot water, or hot compress knee joints is very effective for patients with knee arthritis.

Appropriate exercise

The weight -bearing movements such as mountain climbing and walking stairs are all exercise methods that damage the knee joint. Therefore, we recommend that you use swimming (recommended free swimming), walking, cycling (not too low in cushion), etc. to exercise.

Strengthen thigh muscle exercise


Straighten the knee joint and hook the toes at the same time, stretch the entire leg and keep the horizontal state (can be done when sitting, standing, and lying on the position).

Anti -resistance exercise

Straighten your legs on the bed, tie sand bags at the ankle (the weight is generally 1 ~ 3 kg), and lift the whole leg to the straight position, so that the angle between the legs and the bed is about 30 degrees. Essence Keep it for 5 seconds, then put down 2 to 3 seconds, so repeated.