Everyone, the atmosphere of September autumn is already obvious. In the autumn and winter seasons, there is a very high appearance rate of a single product ~ It is a sweater.


Ordinary round neck sweaters and V -neck sweater are naturally not very picky, but the turtleneck sweater is very attacked ~

People with thick necks and shorters put on turtleneck sweaters, which is almost worse!

==, what is the neck short first? Regarding the length of the neck of each person, we have a basis for judgment.

The length of the neck = 1/2 of the face length


If the length of the neck is less than 1/2 of the face length, that is to say, if the neck is less than half the length of the face, it means that your neck is short.

There are Jimei who are troubled by thick short necks, please treat the thunder areas below! (Boys can also be used as a reference ~)

Wear black all -necked sweaters


First of all, the first thing I want to explain is the black all -necked sweater. The black turtleneck sweater can be thin, but::


Black is a contraction color, and it is also a color that covers and covers ~

The black sweater shoulder line and neck segmentation line are very unknown. If your neck is short, it can make you turn from short neck to ultra -short neck or even no neck, even supermodels are no exception ~


So those who like to be black, you can consider

Wear half -neck black sweater


It will look longer than the whole tall neck.

Avoid ultra -tall sweaters

In recent years, Oversize style is indeed popular, but don’t try to have a high chimney collar, ultra -high scarf collar … this type of ultra -high collar sweater will make you instantly without your neck!

Choose a high neck with a loose neck ~


I really like the oversize collar type. You can choose some loose bib tall necks, and pile collar and other turtlenecks that can show the neck lines.

Avoid thickening turtleneck sweater


What is more terrible than the super -tall -necked sweater, the ugliest is the thickened turtleneck sweater. If you want the neck to be thick and short, then put it on it ~


If you want the neck to look slender, you can choose a high -necked sweater or high -neck shirt with a thin stripe pattern. The effect of wearing and bottoming alone is equally good ~




*If the shawl is long hair+high -necked sweater, pay attention to distinguish the hair color, skin tone, and sweater color, otherwise it is easy to connect, and it will make the neck thick and short ~


After talking about these precautions, let’s talk about how to wear high -necked sweaters to look good and temperament ~

In the French aesthetics, girls who appreciate the neck of the swan are very appreciated. But the swan’s neck is not able to reach everyone. Furthermore, the cold weather shows that the entire neck is not conducive to health.

Therefore, at this time, matching is a key turning point ~ In addition to wearing turtleneck sweaters close to the skin color, what else is there? I summarized 2 major aspects ~


1. Utilize accessories cleverly

In addition to using accessories to modify the face shape, it can also modify the neck line and neck, and match with the turtleneck sweater. It can stretch the lines of the neck and make the neck look longer.

Pull -type earrings

Using lengthened earrings, the proportion of the neck is stretched to make the neck longer.

Metal necklace

If you wear a simple turtleneck sweater, you can use the metal necklace to eliminate the lines of the neck, extend the length of the neck visually, and also highlight a touch of high -level sense.



Using a knot scarf (preferably a ribbon knot or a water hand) decorate in the turtleneck sweater, it can have a visual transfer effect. The principle and necklace are the same, and the length of the neck can be stretched.

2. Modeling of layers

After speaking, I will share the layered sense of stacking. Using the method of stacking can make the neck look slender.

Color segmentation method

The color division method is to use two colors to form a segmentation line to make the length of the neck visually visually.

If it is a variety of colors, the turtleneck sweater can choose a bright color (that is, the mixing method of turbidity and inside, deep inside and so on). After comparison, the neck will naturally be more prominent.

V -neck stacking method

The use of V -neck items can form a very long neck line with the turtleneck sweater, and the stretch ratio is more slender.

The high -necked sweater and laid -collar shirt, such a stacking method, not only stretched the neck lines, but also seemed very casual and handsome! (Boys can also be worn like this ~)


At the same time as the high -necked sweater and V -neck vest skirt, while the stretching ratio, with the sweet atmosphere of the girl, age and lively.

The method of stacking of high -necked sweaters and V -neck sweater, proper age reduction college style is a very young way.


What I often emphasizes is that a single product cannot be limited to its original style and some features, because in the process of clothing matching, when we feel that it is not good, it also involves some

Aesthetic adjustment

This step.