The Chinese New Year holiday is coming. Parents and friends will buy gifts for their children or relatives. Maybe you can buy toys, clothes, children’s cars, etc. However, many supplies may be unsuitable or potentially dangerous for children. On children’s toys, every year and abroad, there will be defective toys.

These recall toys


Forex obstruction is the main damage (caused by small components and balloons, etc.)

Secondly, including the toxicity of the coating, the rope is too long, etc.

In 2020, the EU, the United States, Canada, and Australia’s toys are mainly unqualified:

Source of information above: Analysis of overseas toys recall cases in 2020 -China and Foreign Toys (

Now let’s talk about when we buy new year toy gifts for children, and in the process of playing, the safety points that need to be paid attention to:

Toy safety needs attention

When buying:

1. Age: Read the instructions on age and security in the toy manual carefully. Remember: The indication of the age is mainly considered from the perspective of security, which has nothing to do with the child’s cleverness and the skills of playing. Select toys from safety.


2. Small components: Check the small components of the toy in the store to connect tightly on the subject without falling.

3. Pull rope: For children of less than 18 months, the toys’ rope and towing lines are recommended not to be longer than 22 cm

4. Surface: The surface of the toy should be smooth without sharpness and rough.


5. Filling toys: Filling toys are actually not suitable for infants and young children, and they are in danger of suffocation. They need to pay special attention to the situation of children when they are playing.


6. With electromagnetic toys, the electromagnetic must be firmly installed in the electromagnetic box, and it is not easy for children to get it.

7. Smart toys or supplies: Pay attention to the risk of information leakage.

When you open the packaging:

1. Carefully read the instructions and warning descriptions, retain these instructions and invoices

2. Play with your children and do demonstrations, how to play safely

3. Observe how children play, maybe you can find potential danger

4. Packing the packaging and packaging of the packaging immediately. These items may hurt children

5. When you do n’t play, collect the toy immediately and put it in the place where the child can get it. Don’t put it at a high place, because children will climb because they cannot get it, causing a falling incident


6. Remember: The toys played at different ages are different. When children of different ages are playing together, adult caregivers should be on the side to see children with small age.

In the whole year:

1. Careers with their children, including grandparents, often discuss the safety of toys and make them familiar with these safety points.

2. Establish a good example for children, such as receiving toys in time, not throwing toys, and often observing how the child plays, and finds danger in time.

3. Filling toys are not placed in the bed of infants and young children.

4. Do not leave toys in places that are less attention, such as garage, bathtub and storage room.


5. Check whether the toys are damaged.

6. Frequent “Global Children’s Safety Organization (China)” or other related networks, check the safety and recall information about children’s related products

The safety of other items:

1. Go to a regular store to buy children’s supplies.

2. Firecrackers are not toys. It is recommended not to buy children.

3. Electric supplies are potentially dangerous. It is not recommended to buy children under the age of 8.

4. Items with small components such as children’s accessories (necklaces, unnecessary needles, head clips, etc.) may cause mistakes or scratches by children.


5. With rope clothes, the pull rope cannot be too long

Remember: the damage to the child, sometimes children do not even express, and some injuries need to be observed for a long time before they can be discovered. Therefore, it is necessary to check the relevant information frequently, and when purchasing items, safety is the first consideration.

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