Shortly after the train got out of Xi’an Station, when the cold burst into me, I realized that I had made a lot of mistakes: the two old sweaters that should not be brought away were thrown away prematurely.


From Kunming to Xi’an, I am sitting on an air -conditioned sleeper. I made a special trip to my girlfriend who never met from Kunming to Dushanzi. When I met for the first time, I did not want to leave her impression of even a little shabby. It was not cold in the car anyway. So I threw two old sweaters away from the train.

From Xi’an to Cheng Kuitun’s train, it took a lot of money to buy a sleeper ticket, so I had to sit in a hard seat. There are no air conditioners and no heating in the car, but the seats are full of seats. Even a lot of people sitting on the aisle, they are dressed thick, and I only wear one shirt and suit. I comforted my sweaters and threw it away. Isn’t it cold? What fear of the man’s husband!

In fact, I have estimated my tolerance for cold. Although the window has two layers of glass, the bitter cold wind is pervasive, blowing around the body. I do n’t know when the screws on the window have been put on the white ice. Sitting on the cold and cold seats, I froze a little numb, so I was angry, rubbing my hands, and stomping my feet. And the guy who is sleepy is also here to make fun, but the seat belonging to me only allowed me to hold my chin to fight.


After all, I was so boiled to Baoji Station. The two migrant workers sitting next to me got out of the car. I quickly lying down and occupied the entire seat. I think at least I can lie down and sleep.


“Are there any people in this seat?” A girl who had just got on the car dressed in pink cotton pointed at the seat I occupied and asked me with a smile.


“Someone, there are people in this seat.” Cold and sleepy expanded my selfishness unprecedentedly.

The girl put the parcel on the travel rack and leaned beside my seat disappointing. I didn’t pay much attention to her, curled up on the seat, and fell asleep in the cold. I don’t know how long I have entered the dream township. I am vague and feel warm, as if spring is coming, I am lying in the warm cradle, enjoying the romance of time …

A commotion woke me up, and the train arrived. I breathed a sigh of relief and opened my eyes, but unexpectedly saw a pink pink cotton coat on my body -it was that girl! I was very surprised, we were in a loud life, how could her cotton coat cover me? Could I meet a good person? I do not believe! I secretly reminded myself: There are all scammers this year, will she have any conspiracy and try to blackmail me?

The girl found that I woke up, and she smiled at me: “Fortunately, sleep?”

I nodded a little at a loss and said in confusion: “This cotton coat …”

“I saw you too thin, and my face was frozen, so I covered you.”

“Then you, you are cold too!”

“It’s quite easy to hold, I still wear two thick sweaters.”

I couldn’t help looking at the girl. She cut her short hair, her appearance, but her face was simple. I can’t help but be grateful in my heart. I started to be guilty for the “heart of a villain” just now. I immediately put the cotton clothes to her. Then I remembered that she should be sitting on the seat. “Isn’t there anyone?” She said with a smile.

“I, I lied to you, the people in this seat have got off the car.”

She told me that she went to college in Chongqing, and her home was in Urumqi. This time, she returned home for the winter vacation. Knowing that I traveled thousands of miles to the northwest to pursue love, she had to tell me about the Roman history between me and my girlfriend.

We chatted in the north of the north, and we took out things to share when we were hungry. It’s dawn and dark again. The passengers on the car changed one after another, and the story of the moving pink cotton coat continued to interpret it in the carriage. It seemed like a hot flame warmed our schedule … Mowing

After passing the Shan Shan Station, the two Uighur men sitting opposite us finally got out of the car. I quickly occupied the seat, curled up on it and fell asleep again.

When I arrived at Urumqi Station, I didn’t know that when I was awakened by a noise, I found that the girl had got off the car, and the pink cotton coat was still covered on me. The train has not yet started, and I hurried to the door of the carriage to find, trying to find her figure in the messy crowd.

I eventually came back. But I unexpectedly found a note in the pocket of cotton clothes, and the handwriting of Juanxiu came into sight: I should get out of the car, and if we have a fate, we will meet each other. May your journey happy and find your own love.

I scolded myself to sleep too much, scolded myself not even asking her name and address, and didn’t even say a word of gratitude.

I suddenly wanted to cry.


In this indifferent universe, the pink cotton coat will warm my life.

Originally contained in “Women’s Big World” magazine