The internal orchids that are overcomes can be divided into short hair and long hair inner end. Short hair inner linery is like rabbit hair, mink hair, etc.; Last issue of the method of distinction of rabbit hair, today we will talk about long -haired tweezers and fox hair.

1. True colors (also known as Huang Yan)

The biggest characteristic of the color of the color is the long needle hair, which can reach about 5cm. The hair tip is black, the hair is harder, and the feel is rough. Two -colors are generally dyed, such as black, blue, dark green, and dyed gardenia hair are more expensive than the original color. The pupae wool is generally used for stitching of abdominal hair and tail hair. The entire tadpole hair is basically the Americas, the price is more expensive and rare.

2. White tadpole hair

如何快速区分派克服的内胆 - 貉子毛和狐狸毛篇

The biggest feature of white tadar hair is the white body, long needle hair, white tip, harder hair, rough feel. Generally dyed light, such as light pink, light green. The quality of white and yellow crickets is similar, but the production of white ravioli is small, the material is rare, and the price is more expensive than the yellow cricket.

3. Fox feet

如何快速区分派克服的内胆 - 貉子毛和狐狸毛篇

The fox’s feet are mostly stitched by small pieces and a small piece. It is relatively fragmented. It is the worst inner fox inner linery, but it is still better than the rabbit. It feels thicker and heavier on the body.

如何快速区分派克服的内胆 - 貉子毛和狐狸毛篇

4. Fox human character pattern belly hair

The fox human character pattern hair is the fur of the thigh and abdomen connection, which is named after the shape like the word “human”. The overall is relatively flat, thick, and the Mao dumped in one direction.

如何快速区分派克服的内胆 - 貉子毛和狐狸毛篇

5. Fox belly hair

The fox’s abdomen hair is completely abdominal fur, the skin plate is thin, and it is easy to lose hair. The warmth is not as good as the human character pattern, but the advantage is light and flat.

如何快速区分派克服的内胆 - 貉子毛和狐狸毛篇

Can you distinguish the sister -in -law and fox in the figure? The characteristics of the two are similar, and it is really difficult to distinguish. The fox hair is like a rough and luxurious sense of luxury, as well as the softness and delicateness of rabbit hair, which is better than the tunnel hair. The above is the introduction of faction over the end of the mao.

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如何快速区分派克服的内胆 - 貉子毛和狐狸毛篇

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