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After having a baby, the stroller can’t bypass the baby tool. When the candy does not go, take her out, the stretching and labor -saving baby car becomes the most dependent thing during the period of my time. In the trunk!

The exclusive baby car of the candy is not only one. I have also taken a lot of detours for the purchase of baby cars. Fortunately, they were selected to be pulled back on track. Because the stroller is a baby artifact to the mother, it is a “transportation tool” for the baby. It is not only not beautiful to choose.

Bao Ma bought the wrong stroller, the son’s spine deforms


Bao Ma Xiaoxin is the famous virtuous treasure mother in our community. Her virtuousness is to save money. Xiao Xin’s mother -in -law often praises Xiaoxin to save money.

“Yeah, it is not easy to raise a child, and a hand bus will buy a few units.”

At that time, I talked in the Bao Ma group in our community.


I did not expect that Xiao Xin, who has always been active and gentle, recovered me in the group:

“What do you buy a few cars? My baby has only bought one by birth until now. You are really a waste of thousands of pieces.”

At that time, I didn’t answer. Maybe Xiaoxin had my own abacus or the frequency of using a cart is not as high as me?

I did not expect that there was a mother in the group who suddenly said:

“Now some carts are too soft. If the child is too small for the spine, it is better to buy according to the age of the month.”

In this way, Xiao Xin didn’t speak in the group for a few days. Suddenly one day in the group@就, she said that after that day, she immediately took the baby to the hospital for examination. If she did not choose the right, she specifically regretted it and saved the baby that should not save money.

Where is Xiaoxin wrong?

In fact, the first focus of choosing a baby car first considers

Is the child’s monthly age

Because the spine development of babies at different menstrual age is different, the back of the baby is the closest part of contact with the stroller.

If the back of the infant cart is relatively soft,

Then the cushion and back will be depressed down, so that there is no way to support the baby’s spine enough,

Xiaoxin may just ignore this when buying a stroller.

As mentioned earlier, the spine development of different menstrual babies can be judged according to the baby’s spine development when purchasing a baby car.


The baby’s spine development will go through two processes: at 3 months -the front of the spine is turned into the first bend, and at 6 months -the back of the spine is turned into a second bend, and at 12 months -gradually developing maturity.

Therefore, the reason why Xiaoxin’s baby has a slight deformation of the spine is likely to be less than 1 year old. The quilt and the cushion are relatively soft after the purchase of the stroller. It is the fundamental reason for choosing a cart when the small moon is old.

Fortunately, Xiaoxin found that it would cause varying degrees of damage to the baby’s internal organs, so buying a stroller according to the age of the month, and the back of the back of the infant cart is particularly important.

The spine is still under development,

Choose the environmentally friendly back -to -back board, and choose the environmentally friendly EVA board with a moderate hardness as much as possible, which is resistant to corrosion and environmental protection.

In order to effectively protect the baby’s spine growth.

Babies of different ages to buy baby carts


0 ~ 1 year old:

It is recommended to choose a taller cart in the baby. Sitting is higher to prevent the tail gas of the car. It is best to let the baby lie down with a loy of less than 6 months.

1 year old ~ 2.5 years old:

Suggestion choice

Baby cart in the middle wheel high model

It is not recommended to be too high, otherwise it is difficult for babies to get off the car smoothly.

2.5 years old ~ 4 years old:

can choose


Small wheels lightweight stroller

At this time, the baby’s weight increases, and the light traffic is better.

Choosing a baby car is not only good for the baby’s development according to the age of the child, it is also very convenient for myself, which is why I buy a few carts for candy.

The following necessary strategies for buying carts must be known (including grass)

▼ Is the baby car cushion and the back panel suitable for your baby?

If your baby is not older, you must look at what the baby car looks like when buying a stroller.

Carefully analyze the spine development process of small menstrual babies:


Newborn baby:

The spine is observed from the side, and it is difficult to see the side bending, which may only protrude backwards.

2 ~ 3 months:

The spine protrudes forward -the baby just learns to lie down and look up

6 ~ 7 months:

The thoracic spine began to protrude back -the baby just learned to sit


10 ~ 15 months:

The lumbar spine began to protrude forward -starting and walking

If you choose the wrong stage at this stage, it will affect your baby’s development, when the candy is not large. Candy mother at the time was a thousand choices, and after comparing the price quality

Elittile-Dream stroller

It is very advantageous in this regard.


There are hard board support in the back panel

, Meet the needs of the stroller’s back to the back, don’t worry about the baby’s spine due to the deformation of the stroller

And the inner length is about 83cm, the activity space is large,

Suitable for different babies.



The back of the back can adjust the angle of the back,

95 degrees to 175 degrees

Randomly adjust.

This provides me with a lot of convenience for my mother who loves to take my child to go out. For example, our family’s candy is more naughty, and it is not honest to lie in the car. Sometimes I will adjust the baby car higher. It is also comfortable, and I am also stable.

▼ Whether the quality of the brakes, front and rear wheels, car body and other details is reliable

You can only look at the backplane for your baby to buy a baby car

, Brake, rear wheel, car body

The safety relationship with the baby is the largest.

Every time I buy a baby car, I am most concerned about the brakes of the back panel. Some Baoma may feel that I do n’t use the brakes. But if the baby is pushing the baby to walk the slope, the stability of the brakes and the flexibility of the wheels are very important.

mentioned before


These places are better,

Anti -slip rubber wheel, good quality, 4 rounds of shock absorption design, the front wheels use a universal wheel, flexible+stable when pushing

The shock absorption effect is very powerful. The baby is very comfortable to sit, and it can also prevent the appearance of “shaking syndrome”.

The car body is the soul of a cart, and the good baby car body is all

Aluminum alloy, dual triangle stable architecture

The car body stability is strong, and the materials used are also safe.

The car body is

Aviation aluminum alloy skeleton, lightweight and stable


It will be at ease when used.

▼ Is it convenient for storage, carrying, installation, and cleaning

I prefer to go out with a cart, so that I can save a lot of effort. One important reason for the reason why I bought so many strollers for candy is really too heavy, let alone do it. The plane is very difficult to lift up the steps.

Buy home installation, I do n’t need to store it.

There is no need to worry about this.

You can use it directly when you receive the goods. You do n’t need to install it at all, and it is very light. You can put away the cart with one hand. This is what I used to imagine before. And the whole can be disassembled, I finally don’t have to sew it!

▼ Anti -sides, whether the length of the feet is qualified

A girlfriend said that she had never used a baby car for her children, and she was holding one hand when she went out, because she was afraid of turning over the side. Indeed, there is also a side flip accident in the stroller, so you must pay attention to the anti -side revenue when buying a stroller.

Normally, the deeper the triangle area on the side of the stroller, the better


The length of the feet drag directly affects the comfort of the baby in the stroller. If the length is not suitable, the baby will not open the leg flat, and the baby will be quite uncomfortable.

These two points are very advantageous. The triangle area is very deep, and the side+ring armrests perform dual protection to prevent rollover. The feet were also extended, and the baby was not afraid of stretching her legs.


Elittile-Dream stroller real shot

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This stroller can save 200 yuan, and also gives five pieces of sets. It can save 100 yuan for overlapping purchases. Do not cost a limited time.

All Baoma! All Baoma! Buy it!

What are you waiting for?

Before buying a baby car, it is important to make a good strategy, otherwise it is likely to turn home to a bunch of waste metals.

Did your baby use a stroller? Which brand is used? What confusion is there in the stroller? Welcome to leave a message. The candy mother is bubbling at any time ~

Elittile-Dream stroller

Elittile-Dream stroller

Elittile-Dream stroller


Elittile-Dream stroller

Elittile-Dream stroller


Elittile-Dream stroller

Elittile-Dream stroller