What are the common sense of car paint maintenance?

1. If the car paint surface does not have obvious scratches, do not easily spray paint to avoid incompatibility or poor combination of paint. Prone to color differences, making the appearance of the vehicle inconsistent.

2. If the vehicle needs to not drive for a long time, it should be parked in a place where the garage or ventilation is better. Use special car clothes to cover in winter. In the summer, pay special attention to avoid the vehicle that allows the sun for a long time, causing the paint surface to aging, and the possibility of discoloration.

3. Avoid bumps and scratches on body paint. If the paint surface is found to have scratches, pit or lacquer cars, it is mainly to make up paint in time, it is best to go to the more professional 4S shop.

Car paint maintenance common sense

1. Rinse the vehicle in time after it rains. If you do not need to rinse in water for a long time, rainy acidic substances will damage the top paint, make the paint surface have no gloss, and it is easy to make the body changing the possibility of discoloration after a long time.

2. Wipe the vehicle with clean chicken skin or deer skin to avoid dust particles or metal particles on the towel. Do not use dry cloth, dry towels, and avoid scratches.

3. Clear some of the dirty things with strong corrosiveness, such as (resin glue, bird’s feces, and some chemicals)

Car paint repair

Generally, slightly smaller scratches are scratched, such as scratches on the surface of the paint, but without paint or leaky paint, there is actually no need to replenish paint. Slightly, you can wipe it with a rough wax of the car. If you are more serious, go to the beauty shop or go to the local 4S shop with the 2000 beauty sandpaper to polish and pollute it.

If you have any questions, you can send me pictures in private, and try your best to help you lift your doubts at any time!