Double Eleven is coming soon, is everyone full of expectations, but I am worried that I ca n’t help but chop my hands after fighting. Every time I find that I do n’t seem to buy anything, but the money in the wallet doesn’t know where to go. Intersection And after this section, many sisters will be habitually chopping hands after the festival


More money may flow away. In this regard, Xiaobian deliberately presented a good strategy for everyone: buy a high -value wallet! Take such a highly high wallet, I can’t wait to save money every day, where can I still spend money ~


1 Korean version of mini folding wallet


This Korean version of multifunctional wallet has a variety of diverse, clever, moderate size, and simple lines outlines the thin body, full of fun, can’t help but feel intimacy.

2 Printing light wallet

The selection of this print color is very unique, full of dramatic and imaginative space, so that you can’t help but enter your imagination space while holding every penny, and feel like fried chicken ~


3 Retro short wallet

A retro and lovely small wallet with the texture of the canvas surface is superb, and it is convenient to install lightly. The background color is a variety of macaron colors. The printing is a variety of fruits and good times.

4 Printed semi -open wallet

Small fresh semi -open zipper card bag, the leather texture is soft and comfortable, and it is very convenient to carry in hand. There are 2 cards in the bag, when card bags, business card bags, banknotes coin purse, headphone cable USB storage bags, etc. are all ok ~

5 constellation leather wallet

This constellation wallet, the head layer leather is cowhide, soft and delicate, elasticity and strength are very good, simple and exquisite, and the leather luster is good ~ Each little fairy can have a wallet with its own constellation!


6Plepic episode multi -function leather wallet

EPISODE’s super powerful multi -function leather wallet latest upgraded version of Holiday Clutch, which uses high -grade artificial leather materials (texture is thicker than previous versions), and felt (super lighter). Go out for a pack of getting a bag, travel handheld card card, etc.!

7 classic envelope wallet


A very textured wallet, most of them are elegant in color. The classic envelope design, the style is simple and atmospheric, will never be outdated. It is very thick, and it is also a good choice to hold it directly as a decoration.

8vintage cowhide long wallet

The wallet of the first layer of cowhide, strong pushing red brown models, gloss and texture is great, beautiful ones, the cost -effectiveness is super high ~ the lock design of the ring is classic and fashionable, the 30 % discount long model is suitable for Kardo and frequently use cash use cash. Little fairy.