People’s Daily Online, Beijing, December 10th (Zhu Jiang) According to the website of the State Drug Administration, it was inspected by the Zhejiang Food and Drug Inspection and Research Institute and other inspections. The 53 batches of cosmetics were unqualified. The above -mentioned unqualified products and related companies violated the relevant regulations such as the “Regulations on the Supervision of Cosmetics” and “Management Regulations on the Management of Cosmetics”.

According to the State Drug Administration, the labeling agent (production) enterprise and unqualified products involved are: Flower Symatic Hair Dyeing Ointment 5N Natural Brown Set (Flower Symnomy 5N 5N natural brown +Coenzyme colorful hair essence), Kelvis hair cream (chestnut color) (5.3 chestnut) produced by Guangzhou Kelvis Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Chestnut color) and Kelvis hair dyeing paste, Zhejiang Zhanghua Health Hairdressing Hairdressing Industry Co., Ltd. produced in colorful contexts Hua Hua Huahuang Dye Oil (No. 8), Zhang Huaju Dye Baked Oil (No. 14), Wild Fruit Zhen Tianfeng Hair Dyeing Oil (Natural black), Zhang Huaju dyeing incense wave is naturally black, Zhang Hua brand Jiecai oil dyeing cream (30) natural black and Tianfeng hair dyeing oil 5.66, Nanyang Afulai Industrial Co., Ltd. Beijing Guijiamei Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. (commissioner: Beijing Yuqi Ritong Cosmetics Co., Ltd.) produced by Anzhican Nutrition Jiuyi Caicai Dye Dyeing Ointment (Bluster), Jiangsu Mei Ais Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (Strike: Han Gao Co., Ltd.) Bright natural black dyeing cream, chemicals produced by Wujiangxing Bolongri Chemical Co., Ltd.? Philippine dyeing cream 6-45 (Chinese wine red) and Selbert Jiaoyang hair cream, Zhuji City Bette Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. The black diamond -respected black hair cream produced by cosmetics Co., Ltd., Jinghong Da dye cream (brown) and Jinghongda hair cream produced by Jinghongda Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Ointment (Rose Purple), Hong Rui Cenya Dyeing Ointment, produced by Guangzhou Cathy Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Lanzi Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (commissioner: French Lanzi (International) Cosmetics Co., Ltd.) produced in Hailivis dyeing cream, Guangzhou Farafak aromatherapy brilliant dyeing cream (Ying Paier dyed cream) produced by Ying Paier Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Golden Emperor Hair Dyeing Cream, Grape Red, Grape Red, Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Golden bamboo dyeing cream, Jinzhu Hall dyeing cream (chestnut brown), Jinzhutang hair cream (chocolate), Jinzhutang hair cream (natural black) and Jinzhutang? Hair -dyed cream five -color rice plant essence hair dye cream (chestnut color), a genuine Alis dyed hair cream (black) and Meng Pece hair cream (0/45) produced by Heshan Bangli Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (0/45) The hair dye cream series (copper red) and Ai’s hair dye cream series (golden copper color) produced by chemical industry Co., Ltd., the military doctor produced by Guangdong Tiggo Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.? Tiggo dye hair cream (wine red), military doctor? Tiggo dye hair cream (natural black), tiger was washed black (black) as soon as it was washed, tiger dyed cream (natural black), tiger dyed hair cream, tiger dyed hair cream (natural black), tiger dyeing, tiger dyeing Fast hair cream (wine red) and Tiggo dye hair cream (coffee color), Zhaoqing Di Cai Daily Technology Co., Ltd. (commissioner: Guangzhou Dicai Cosmetics Co., Ltd.) produced The Kajie hair cream (golden brown) 6/77 and Kaijie hair cream (natural black) 44/0.

Among them, the drug regulatory department where the manufacturer is located inspected on -site to indicate the colorful context produced by Zhejiang Zhanghua Health Hairdressing Industry Co., Ltd. Fengfeng hair oil (natural black), Zhang Huaju dyed incense waves naturally black, Zhang Hua brand Jiecai oil dyeing cream (30) natural black and Tianfeng dyeing hair oil 5.66 and other related batches of related batches. The production enterprise claims to be counterfeit products.

The above -mentioned unqualified products and related companies violated the relevant regulations of the “Regulations on the Supervision of Cosmetics” and “Regulations on the Management of Cosmetics Logish”. The State Drug Administration requires Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang (city) drug supervision department to verify the relevant production enterprises in accordance with the law to take measures such as recalls and investigations on related products that have been listed and sold. ; Requires Anhui, Fujian, Gansu, Guangdong, Guizhou, Hainan, Hebei, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Tianjin, Yunnan, Zhejiang (city) drug supervision department or order The operating unit immediately takes measures to control the risks. For products suspected of counterfeiting, it is necessary to investigate its purchase channels, investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations, and transfer them to public security organs according to law. The above -mentioned provincial pharmaceutical regulatory authorities have publicized the results of relevant enterprises or units within 3 months from the date of the announcement. The relevant situation is reported to the National Drug Administration in a timely manner in the national cosmetics sampling inspection information system.