Speaking of the trendy people who are at the forefront of fashion, most of them have some challenging trendy elements. In autumn and winter, classic styles such as down jackets and woolen coats have been more or less aesthetic fatigue. On the basis of keeping the temperature, sisters can also boldly try some new elements and new styles. Analyze how to use the mixed style to wear the styling out of fashion ~

Compared to mediocrity, of course, sisters cannot waste their advantages. It is right to try new elements and new styles while being young. As a well -known female star in the circle, Dou Jingtong appeared at the airport to play mixed -matching style, wearing a grandfather wind cotton jacket mix and match “children’s hat”, but the two seemingly contradictory styles were interpreted by her uniquely. Fashionable. If you want to break the routine and wear an eye -catching fashion, you can learn from this mixing idea. Next, let’s talk about the desirable part of Dou Jingtong’s mix and match look.


“Grandpa style” Cotton retro casual wind


Compared to the fluffy down jacket, the popularity of cotton clothes in young people should not be underestimated. However, compared to the very popular creamy yellow and taro aziolet clothes, Dou Jingtong’s “Grandpa style” cotton jacket is sexy and full of dark blue color. It presents a bit of retro rhythm, which seems to have no highlights, but has its own retro casual wind.

Fun sense of matching and style, injecting vitality


Sisters who want to play mixed -matching style must first pay attention to “style reconciliation”. For example, in order to avoid looking old -fashioned, you can use the style with different styles to reconcile. Dou Jingtong used a green cartoon knitted hat as another highlight of the entire shape. The green color is bright and bright, while brightening and dullness, the childlike green cartoon knitted hat is full of vitality into the shape. With the operation of the hat, the rope was swaying, adding a little sense of cheerful age to the retro look.

The matching skills that can be used for reference

Tips [1] “upper Panasonic tightly” avoids the disorder of proportions

In winter, if you want to put the temperature and demeanor at the same time, it is indispensable to use wearing skills. When mating with a thick jacket with cotton jackets, Xiaobian recommends that you can apply the principle of “upper Panasonic tight”, and choose the slim -fitting pants to collect the fluffy sense of cotton jackets visually, which can be thinner and avoid the proportion of proportions. Dislature highlights its own advantages.


Tips [2] “Simplified” “There is a highlight but not exaggerated


Since the sisters have carefully matched their outs, of course, they have to wear an eye -catching fan. Although it is necessary to create a highlight, sisters must also grasp the scale. Excessive highlight accumulation will change the taste, showing exaggeration. Xiaobian suggested that you can choose a design and sexy single product with a sense of design and sexy through the principle of “upper complexity”. The lower body can choose basic items such as tight black pants. It can highlight the highlights, but it does not seem too exaggerated.

Tips [3] Make up for each other, say goodbye to monotonous more fashionable

Mixing and matching is a tips that many fashion Icon love to use. In daily matching, sisters can also increase the original monotonous styling and fashion sense. When matching the retro style items such as Grandpa Cotton, you can use different styles such as youthful casual printing sweater, green cartoon knitted hat and cartoon canvas bag to reconcile. Fun to reconcile the maturity of retro style items, mix and match combination to farewell to monotonous, more eye -catching.

Tips [4] Select the accessories that echo the color block and clothing to improve the overall degree

In the mixed style style, the style is very important, and the degree of coordination of color matching also determines the fashion effect of the overall shape. You can choose the accessories that echo the color block and clothing, such as the green printed sweater with youthful leisure style, wearing a green cartoon knitted hat, the casual style and childlike style can collide with more fashion sparks, green up and down green echoing It can also improve the overall degree and make the color match more eye -catching.