Everyone also knows that Korean girls have a set of clothes, especially the fashionable street wear, which can always seize the public’s eyes in an instant and show the unruly and fond nature of young people. If you like this kind of Korean style, let’s take a look at this group of Kaichun Street shooting. It is ashamed that you are fashionable. Follow the tide of Xuechang to the streets and alleys. Let’s take a look!

1. The personality of the short jacket

The temperature in early spring gradually rose, and the fashionables got rid of the thick and bloated down jackets. Wearing it was mainly thin and light, and various short jackets were definitely the first choice for improving the sense of fashion on the street. Such as suits, short denim jackets, short jackets or leather jackets.

In addition to the capable and stylish short jacket, there is no restriction on women’s height, and small girls can also easily control; Gao Meier can further create long legs; second, the choice of short jackets in the inside and lower clothes is more. Diverse, such as high -waist shorts, short skirts, high -waisted trousers, or dress, all are not good -looking.

The black short leather version is capable and stubborn, the superposed rivet elements enhance the gloss, cool and stylish. After wearing a black dress, the black depth of the black system inside and outside is different. Boots under the knee, effectively stretch the legs and show beautiful legs, and have a bold personality.


In addition to short leather jackets, short suits are also weapons used by Korean beauties to improve gas fields, such as short small suits or Oversize profiles.

The pink checkered short suit is stacked with a white shirt, and the black small foot pants on the lower body easily highlight the long legs and long legs. With a pair of black and thick -heeled pointed short boots, it can easily create a one -meter long legs.

Compared with the checkered suit, the dark pure color suit is better than highlighting the capable gas field, and the softness is the strength.


The dark color short suit is stacked with white T -shirts, and the dark -colored high -waisted trousers of the lower body extend the leg length. At the same time, the suit is composed of a suit, which is more capable and casual. sense.

Second, stacking and mixing tide cool and fashionable

Korean beauties can wear clothes. This is not only manifested in the choice of single products, but also in the skilled use of various matching skills, such as stacking, mixing, or disappearance of lower clothes.

Mixing refers to a single product with different combination attributes, and the fashionable sparks are collided with each other. From this to break the monotonous of the dark color or basic models, it emits vitality and personality, such as a sweater mixed denim jelly shirt, a suit mixed -match striped shirt or printed skirt.

Early spring temperatures have gradually risen, which is a good season that stacked through large light, such as shirts stacked with high -necked bottom shirts, knitted shoulder stacked shirts or long vests stacked shirts, etc. Rich and fashionable, can improve the level of dressing.


The white shirt is stacked with a black high -necked bottom shirt, and the black and white color inside and inside enhance the sense of layering. The black high -waisted skirt highlights the waist and hip curve, with a pair of white short boots, and easily creates a good figure.

Bold and stylish beam disappearance methods are also common in Korean street shooting. This kind of method not only breaks the fixed method of suits or oversize jackets and sweaters, but also uses a new way to avoid strengths and take advantage of the long legs. Advantage.


The gray suit stacked with a white shirt, the distance between the black boots and the shirt stretched the legs, and the legs showed the long legs.

Third, bold and sexy showed legs wear

The reason why the Korean beauty’s spring day is amazing is that they are good at promoting long -term avoidance, such as showing legs by matching.


Checked short suit stacked in a lake blue slim bottom shirt, high waist checkered skirt and suit composition kit, high waist design raised the waistline, short version of the version easily shows slender legs, with double canvas shoes, with double canvas shoes, Age reduction and sexy.


In addition to wearing high waist skirts or shorts to show the legs, the suit can also use the waist to bring “missing” look, and at the same time, it will inadvertently enhance the aura.

It should be noted that when using the disappearance of the shirt, it is best to use the knee -knee boots, knight boots or Martin boots, or middle socks with canvas shoes, short boots, etc.

Show legs does not necessarily refer to “missing shirts” or wearing shorts and short skirts. You can also use high -waist straight trousers to extend the length of leg length. One cut, free and fashionable!

If you like to wear the streets of Korean beauty early spring, please refer to it. Maybe the next street fashion is you!


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