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#Shoes Box#

The purpose is to find recommendations for you

Good heart shoes


As always, we have prepared for you

“Gorgeous” top map ~ hhhhh

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China Li Ning Wu Dao 2 Men ACE NYFW casual sports shoes

Of course, the first one must be made by our Chinese manufacturing

China Li Ning did not live up to everyone’s expectations

Evaluation of these shoes

It can only be said that the fat intestines are soft! Intersection Intersection The fat intestines are soft! Intersection Intersection The fat intestines are soft! Intersection Intersection

Absolute summer outlets, good faces and good prices and people



King of cost performance


Vans Era 95 DX VN0A2RR1U8R1

6 uncle’s foot with the first place with the goods list

I ca n’t think of these shoes ~

High -definition map


360 ° No dead ends beautiful ~

Full of retro atmosphere ~

Nike men’s nike Air Force 1 High RT Shoe

Open the shoe box at first glance by its face value

Is there any shoe that you will decisively buy the second double?


High school rolling school pants also exposed shoes

There are countless years, and there are countless times trend

I believe it is not just a pair of sneaker in the minds of everyone


Even a belief

Vans style 36 Decon sf 【TOE CAP SURF】

Accompanied by summer heat waves

VANS SURF surfing branch launched the “TOE CAP” retro street series

Half -moon -type upper toe


eye -catching

Fiery red color matching is both retro and leisure ~

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70

If the black and white color matching 70s is the basic model of the shoe cabinet

That color 70s is the essential style you lead to the advanced road to Converse

The beauty of the shoes itself does not need any praise words

The bright yellow color color that is beautiful is also fascinated by people.

In encountering the right color, I don’t hurry up ~

The price is cheap!

Vans old skool

Old Skool can definitely be said to be a super weapon of Vans!


It can definitely be called a must -have for shoe cabinets ~

The pattern of the blue and white board grid

Fresh and special

It feels like a heartbeat ~


Nike Air Zoom Spiridon ’16 NIC


This Nike Lord launched the One World series for the World Cup ~

The overall shoe body is white as the main color

The upper is incorporated into the national flags and arrangements,

Create a rich color visual effect ~ both salt sweet!


Don’t miss the children’s boots ~




Today’s girl Shoes Box brought sneaker to an outing

Discovery, in fact

You go out every day, and you decide the mood of a pair of sneakers

Sneaker will accompany you to spend some time of joy and sorrow

Then you are forgotten when you buy new shoes


Today Shoes Box will take you to understand them

Vans Era 【Retro Check】

Good mood index: AAAA

Forgotten index: A


Vans’s Retro Check shoes and clothing series, continuing Vans’s consistent street style. Among them, ERA shoes launch three colors with blue, brown green, and red and blue. Among them, the classic red and blue color double -color shoes are paid tribute to the movie Dogtown legend skateboarding character Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta performed. Classic color scheme.

Timberland CL women’s brown female casual boat shoes


Good mood index: AAA

Forgotten index: AA


Timberland produces outdoor products including clothing, shoes, accessories, watches and other outdoor products. He called on people to get out of his small world and fully enjoy nature. His products reflect the characteristics of innovation design, strong durability, and strong functionality. At the same time, it also reflects the characteristics of young, lively, rough, strong, practical. The mission of Timberland is “equipped with your life journey and create extraordinary in your world.”

Converse One Star low -top casual shoes

Good Mood Index: AAAAA

One Star was born in 1974, but its prototype came from the Converse Banner Leather version of All Star basketball shoes -Leather All Star. Start making the shoe body from Leather All Star, and add Pentagon’s logo design to the side of the shoe. Compared with All Star series, One Star is undoubtedly synonymous with retro classics.

Converse x JWA Grid Chuck 70 Hi

The collision between modern fashion and contemporary craftsmanship has always been the design concept of JW Anderson. This time, CONVERSE and them work together to create a new Chuck 70 GRID series to define the intersection of fashion and art. Converse the iconic Chuck 70 shoes of the Converse and JW ADERSON’s Manjin LOGO design are fused, and the unlimited circulation of constructor text presents a unique sports shoes design.

Vans classic slip-on 98 dx 【Anaheim】

The new Anneheim series is shining. The ingenious geometric pattern composed of red, yellow and gray, as a member of the Anneheim series, each shoe of this series is equipped with a high -end Vans Ultracush ™ insole to create a comfortable dressing experience.

Puma Thunder Desert

New member of Dad’s shoes -Thunder Desert men and women’s same casual shoes are coming. Black and white tone is made to interpret the light and shadow in the desert, combined with the iconic outline of the Thunder series, to create a tension trend. Create a layered sense through a variety of material stitching, which complements the layered midsole.


China Li Ning Wu Dao 2.0 Platform Women’s lightweight wear resistance basketball casual shoes

Wu Dao 2.0 Platform Lightweight and wear -resistant basketball casual shoes, using simple color matching, simple and leisure. The magic sticker design, flexibly adjust the width of the shoe, comfortably fit, walk freely. The toe design of the toe is strong, with strong breathability and cool and comfortable.

May you in front of the screen

Cherish the shoes in front of you.


This period


#Shoes Box #

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Seeing people first look at shoes first


With the above shoes blessing

Afraid of the little brother/younger sister who can’t get up?


bye bye ~

Forgotten index: A

Forgotten index: AA

Forgotten index: AA

Forgotten index: AA

Forgotten index: AA

Good Mood Index: AAAAA


Good Mood Index: AAAAA

Good Mood Index: AAAAA

Good Mood Index: AAAAA