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This is the red bream we fishing

Poor wife

Usually a dozen twenty one family

Male red bream is an MBA management expert

Not only do many beauties manage well

And we must take on the work of preventing foreign enemies

A family only allows one male

If the “husband” hangs or disappears one day

The strongest “wife” will become “husband”

From females to male fish, it is the master


I can’t find the correct content

Look at the explanation of British Encyclopedia

It is also quite brain burning

It seems that there are faults in China and foreign Internet Internet

But she is obviously not fishing?

It’s easy to do if there is a picture

Isn’t this a spots?

The first fish of the scientific name of the eye spots

Chang Hai fishing or seafood frequent customers

It should be known

This guy is in China

Commonly known as American red fish

I have eaten in Hainan before

Homemade American Red Fish

It is called a lot of nicknames

Who is called China

a fish

To live well in China

There are no ten or eight individual names

Do not enter ten and eight recipes

Nothing counts well in China

But the content of American red fish

Far more than this “American red fish”

After all, the color is still a bit not enough

What about American red fish we are talking about today

Scientific name

Eye spot

Announced called American Red Fish


Red drumfish

Nominy red fish

Strait bass

Tail bass


Black spots





As for why it is called red fish

It’s because the fish was cute when I was young

Don’t match red at all

But the belly of Chengyu


So it’s called red fish

no way

I found it first

American red fish larvae

Called American Red Fish

It is because it is native to the southeast coast of the United States

Why is it called spot bass?

Very simple tail has spots

Why is it called Eye Passionate Bitshit Fish?

Because its tail spots look like eyes

Why is it called a red drum fish?

Because of the breeding season

After this fish is removed after being removed

Muscle friction and squeeze produce bubbles

The sound is like knocking the bass drum, so it is named

The mainland began to introduce breeding in 1991

Why do you introduce breeding?

Because Taiwan was well raised at that time

This guy

High temperature resistance and low temperature

Strong resistance to disease

Freshwater, two -in -water, and seawater can be cultivated

Freshwater farming survival rate is low

The key is that the fish is swollen in the summer

It can also live leisurely

At the same time its family gene

It determines its good taste

Sure enough, researchers at home and abroad

When studying artificial breeding technology

Chinese researcher

Already started

Study the nutritional ingredients and value of American red fish

After reading the papers and

I take the data again

Compared with other fish species boring

I also know why

The reason why this guy is tepid in China

To say the fish -shaped fish

Basically, they are high -protein and low fat

This should be an ideal healthy food

But after nutrition analysis

I will compare other fish species again


I found that this kind of fish raised itself roughly

Successfully escaped a lot of Chinese dining tables

And American red fish in the southeast coast of China

Also live a group advantage

Is it its careful machine?

After data comparison

American red fish guy

Although the protein content is high, less fat

But its amino acid composition is relatively poor

And due to too little fat


It is the food in our country

Meat is more firewood

Smooth and tender

No Q bomb juice

After all, as a foodie in my country

You can have a long time ago

1%fat content and 0.99%fat content

Taste difference

Although the American red fish escaped the Chinese dining table

But it has not escaped the baking sheet in the United States

Because it has a fatal weakness

It has no muscle thorns

After all, “Chinese carp” floods in the United States

There is a reason because of muscle thorns

Because after decades of fishing and fishing

I entered the baking sheet


Either barbecue or smoke


Although American red fish is along the coast of China

But by the American foodiers

Eating it into endangered fish species

Florida had passed the administrative order

Reduce fishing strength

You only allow 48-68 cm individuals to catch fishing

And once per person only allows one fishing


And Katie Higgins introduced us

It is about the fishing method and fishing point of the American red fish

After all, Redfish is the top farming fish species in the United States


It is also the target fish loved by American fishermen

For the coast fishing enthusiasts in the United States

Especially for fishing enthusiasts near the coast

Ask their favorite target fish

American red fish accounts for a large proportion

Fishing in the United States

In fact, the difficulty is not great

You don’t need to go to Yuanhai for fishing

There are also a lot of fishing methods

For novices or hands

Can be used as an excellent target fish

Although it is called red fish

But in fact it is just copper golden color

Slightly red near red

It has a very obvious feature

It’s its tail

There are very obvious black spots

There is one or more

In the United States

Different fishing spots and fishing season

Individual red fish individuals are different

There are little fish suitable for beginners

It is also a giant suitable for success

Let’s introduce it below

Red fish in the United States as a fishing guide

Where is it suitable for fishing American red fish

Redfish are widely distributed

But most of the coasts and coasts along the Atlantic Ocean


There are also in some salt water lakes, streams, and rivers

To say the most concentrated area

Still Florida’s Atlantic Coast

Near the Gulf of Mexico in southern United States

Want to find them

It is nothing more than a water with sufficient food

And waters with underwater structure

of course

First of all, find the underwater structure

This is their favorite

Port, waterweed area, reef

Oyster is fixed in the base area

That’s why

The possibility of caught in the Shenshui River


It’s almost the same as going to mangroves and waterweed areas

These structures for red fish

Not only can it form better protection

Can provide them with rich food

This structure

There are a lot of small fish and small shrimp crab

This is the love of red fish


Structure means food

Food means shrimp crab fish

Have these little guys

It means red fish

When to catch American red fish

Red fish is not a migration species

They usually cruise on season

They are just a group

Catterns who chase food

They patrol

Just to be full


It’s nothing more than to survive

Dodge the upper layer of the food chain

Find a suitable temperature area

So red fish will gradually gather towards shallow beach

Find a rich area of ​​the bottom mud to keep warm

They are generally group residences

If you can encounter a bite hook

Explain that you have encountered the fish group

Don’t be too big at this time

The bait flavor must be heavier

Spring fishing red fish

Then you have to watch the sky

The warm the weather


Redfish forage more active

At this time, small fish and shrimp start to be active

This also means that the food of red fish is sufficient

And it will also be sufficient with the food

Face -for -food is more active

at this time

Katie Higgins suggestion

Use Popping Corks and TopWater LURES

What is Popping Corks?

The splashing water fishing group we said

The shape of the top makes it when pulling

Will giggle

The sound of imitating fish on the surface of the water

This attracts the attention of aggressive fish

Very effective in seawater


And TOPWATER LURES is a type of bait

Such as wave climbing

In summer

Pay attention to the details of the weather

Although in summer

Various types of fish are active

But the weather is too hot

Generally in July August

The red fish goes to the deep water

Summer in the harbor and docks

If you go to fishing, the weather is particularly hot

You can try the port area, dock, and anti -wave mentioned areas

Don’t go to the place where you are too open.

Make red fish in autumn

Can only tell you

Hurry up

Winter is coming


The red fish are grabbing the autumn and the winter

So they eat very crazy eating

It is not too much to describe it with a sway

There are a lot of bait fish on the east coast of Florida

September and October are very good season

How to use American red fish with bait

We mentioned earlier

Red fish love to eat small fish and small shrimp crab

Other bait fish also eat

The picture can see the red fish mouth downward

They prey through the sense of smell and visual

Although they do not pick eaters

But you can completely

Choose the right season time

Choose the right fishing point waters

Choose the right bait to dictate

To increase the probability of explosion boxes

First of all, you choose the fishing spot


Just do some understanding first

This fishing point this season

What bait fish are there

Select live bait that matches the fishing point

Never be wrong

This is what the novice should do the most

General summer, autumn

Crab and shrimp are the first choice

In winter

It is recommended to use small catfish, small catfish, etc.

There is no problem with bait bait

In the small river

It’s a good place to use floating water bait

Especially the waters of water grass

Sports of splashing water fishing tackle

Make a click -through sound

For red fish

This is a fatal temptation

As for the color of the bait

It depends on your target fish


For a matter

Fishermen who do not prepare diverse colors of bait

Yellow, white, green and other bright colors

Always remember

Red fish is more predating through smell

So the bait should be done accordingly

American red fish as fishing equipment

So much

It’s probably familiar with the red fish in offshore

Fishing tackle about fishing American red fish

Tell you truthfully

Your daily fishing tool is enough


7 -foot mh ​​or MH tuning pole

3000-4000 wheels

This pair of novices is enough

Online group

General 10LB PE cable

Configure 20LB carbon line guide

Of course

If the fishing structure is complicated, the bottom of the water

Or just run to the giant to fish

Then increase the line group accordingly


Make the equipment more smooth

You have to try to adjust it yourself

Ask the local fishermen to learn more

Alternative to the local fishing gear merchant

Nothing is more reference than these experiences

Some red fish as a fishing group

Red fish will be active in various water layers

Can apply various water quality

Can adapt to different salts

This means

It’s not difficult to catch them

There are many methods

They will find food at the bottom

So usually the bottom of the bottom will be good


If in the shallow water area

Generally 3-5 grams bait is enough


Deep water

Generally 10 grams is enough

Red fish will patrol the food within a certain range

So to say the easy -to -use fishing group

I recommend Carolina fishing group

Katie Higgins mentioned

It is actually very similar to the Texas fishing group

Almost the same

It’s just the Carolina fishing group

There is a fishing pendant

There is a bait on the front guide line behind

Another suitable fishing group

Is the splashing water fishing group

Lure fish by simulating fish groups and eating sounds

This fishing group is used in autumn

Amazing effect

How to fish American red fish

To find red fish

Actually it is not difficult

For experienced fishermen

It’s better to find red fish to find fish

Red fish is a speculative diner

Greedy and greedy

But too many bait fish fall from the sky


Especially the water body with clear water body

So when the nest is seduced fish


Usually beating in front of them

Not the current waters

The reason why red fish is easily frightened

It is because it has a certain vision

Although there are no strict rules for swimming fishing

But it is best to find a good weather

Sunny, calm and quiet weather

Is the ideal

Especially the seawater is clear

But when it is slightly brown

Red fish usually on the water surface

Form V -shaped tail flow

Because they will chase the warm current

They are tied to the bottom

The tail cut water to form a V -type tail flow


If you find the trace of red fish

Hurry up and get your pole

Throw a pole about 1 meter forward

Waiting for red fish to approach

Gently drag the fishing group

Try to make the bait more realistic more realistic

If you do twitching, bait, stopping action

It will stimulate red fish for searches

How to operate

It depends on your own preferences

The top fishing point of American red fish

Speaking of the top fishing point of fishing red fish

Florida can’t escape

Florida connects the Atlantic and Mexico Bay

There are plains, mangroves, swamps, and saltwater lakes everywhere

And the vast coastline

Although Florida has the majority of red fish fishing grounds

But there are also distribution in other Gulf countries

Let’s take a look at the popular top fishing spots


Florida Atlantic Coast/FLORIDA ’s Atlantic Coast

Mosquito Lagoon

Mosquito Lake is part of Indian River

This water is known as the “Capital of the World Red Fish”

There is a huge amount of red fish here

Countless fish species

Fishing all year round

If you fish red fish

Midsummer and deep winter are two best seasons


The red fish here is also amazing

Can reach easily

Each waterway, Loxahatche River River

Just play freely

Winter is very warm here

The whole year is suitable for fishing red fish

Cocoa Beach/Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is located in

Near the Banana River River

Near Indian River Lagoon

The near the coast is rich in red fish here

And thousands of islands here

There are countless channels

There are a huge amount of red fish species hidden here

Florida Mexico/FLORIDA ’s Gulf Coast

Florida Naples


Although here is known for its offshore fishing

But here is also a sacred place for fishing red fish

Go directly to chotawatchee bay shallow water area

Those who can make fishing throughout the year


The red fish in Tanpa Bay is relatively high -yielding

Start in March each year

Various bait fish gathered

Until September

At this time, the red fish starts to breed here


Naples everywhere in mangroves, shallow beachs and canal

So it’s simple

This is the Red Fish Paradise

Ten Thousand Islands and Marco Island

There are huge amounts of fish in these two places throughout the year

Gulf coast/The Gulf States

Mobil Bay, Alabama

Louisiana New Orleans/New Orleans, Louisiana

It is full of bays, swamps and estuaries

These structural waters

It is the perfect habitat of red fish

Thanks to the warm and humid climate here

You can make red fish throughout the year

Including winter

Alabama Orange Beach/Orange Beach, Alabama

Orange Beach is a fishing ground with multi -produced red fish

Because it has too many shallow water areas

The west is Mobel Bay

The east is Pedido Bay

A lot of salt water lakes

It is close to the bay

Plus the bay is shallow water area

It’s full of red fish

O’SConnor, Texas, Texas

O’Conner Port is located in

Famous Matagoda Bay

Between Santaipili Tuwan

Alan Sask and Kopopsti Bay

Just on the west of the port

Speaking of which

You know again

This is simply a red fish habitat

There are a lot of red fish fishing spots here

See how much money spent in the United States

Fishing red fish, the first choice for fishing near the shore

If it comes to getting fishing on the shore

You must not escape the fishing red fish

Their bite, feel, and spirituality

For novice veterans

Don’t be too perfect

And it is suitable for all ages








This means