Now our living standards are getting better and better, and many friends are troubled by excessive weight. Today, I will share with you a choice of food for weight loss, vinegar soaked apple ginger slices. Persist in eating five or six pieces every day. If you eat it for more than a month, your belly will be small. And there are ginger and apples inside. The nutrition is also relatively rich. The important thing is that the practice is very simple. It can be eaten for a long time. Let’s take a look at the specific cooking steps of vinegar soaked apple ginger slices.

【Vinegar soaked apple ginger slices】

[Cooking ingredients] Ginger, apple, salt, brown sugar, white vinegar


【Cooking steps】


The food that I want to cook together is vinegar soaked apple ginger slices. The food made is very delicious. It is the first choice for weight loss. I often eat a little to reduce fat. So let’s prepare the cooking ingredients of vinegar soaked apple ginger slices. First prepare the right amount of ginger, ginger can be a little more, then prepare an apple, appropriate amount of salt, 60 grams of brown sugar, appropriate amount of white vinegar, white vinegar, do not prepare special special specialties many. In addition to preparing ginger, apples, salt, brown sugar, white vinegar, we also need to prepare two sealing glass jars. After preparing the glass jar, let’s disinfect them.


First of all, let’s adjust a little salt water and prepare a large pot. Add an appropriate amount of warm water to the pot. Do not be too high in temperature of warm water, then add a spoonful of salt to it to melt. Just adjust it. Next, put the prepared apples in the water and wash the surface again. Salt can sterilize and disinfect it, remove surface impurities and dust to make the apple clean very clean.




After the Apple was cleaned, we put it aside for use, then put the ginger in, and scrub it with a toothbrush. Salt with a toothbrush can easily wash off the dust on the surface of the ginger, and it can also sterilize and disinfect it, remove pesticide residues, so that even if the ginger does not peel, we can eat very much.


Some friends may ask, why is it so troublesome? It is better to cut the ginger skin directly. In fact, ginger skin is cool, and the meat of ginger is hot. Putting them together can play a neutralized role. Ginger skin is also rich in ginger. It is especially conducive to our weight loss. Rinse water.


Next, we cut the washed ginger into a plate for later use, then cut the prepared apples into small petals, then remove the fruit core, and finally cut it into the plate. Take out the two prepared bottle. In fact, the bottle is very simple. You only need to cook it in the hot boiling water.



Next, we put the ginger apple slices in this bottle, and then add 30 grams of brown sugar to the top, and finally take out the white vinegar we are ready. When preparing white vinegar, pay attention, choose brewing white vinegar instead of brewing white vinegar. If the bottle is written with white vinegar, it is artificially blended. Only brewing white vinegar is fermented by grain. Pour the white vinegar into the bottle, seal the lid, and refrigerate in the refrigerator for 7 days.


1. Apple and ginger slices should be slightly smaller, which will make their nutrients easier.


2. There is no effect to eat such food once or twice. Be sure to eat every day. It will be effective to stick to eating for more than a month.

Well, today’s food will be shared with you here. I am Uncle Shui. I just explore the fun of food. Friends who like it can give me a free praise. Thank you for your support!

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