For women aged forty or fifty -year -old, skirts are better wearing than pants, wider skirts, can better modify leg shape, not tight to wear, and more comfortable, but the skirt has a lot of styles, knees and knees. Skirts, pleated skirts, hip skirts, etc. are dazzling. How should I choose? It is better to try the popular “woolen skirt” this year.

The woolen skirt suddenly became hot this fall and winter, and the celebrities were all on. The fabric is thick and hard. It is very stylish when wearing, the color is high -level, and the upper body is highly elegant and temperament. It is particularly suitable for 40+ women. It shows the charm of a mature woman. Essence


1. The advantages of woolen skirt wear

1. The fabric has texture

Mao woolen skirt, as the name suggests, the material is hair, thick, tough, warm in autumn and winter, and tough materials make the version more standing, fat people are thin, thin people wear energy, and they are not at all at all. Nothing at all is not at all. Pick up. The surface layer has texture and layers, full of texture, and people are in love.

2. Various styles, suitable for various figures

① straight woolen woolen skirt


The straight woolen skirt, the width of the skirt is the same as the waist circumference. Suitable for women with a flat body and small skeleton, with a wide range and big buttocks. In addition, it is best to choose a high waist design to improve the waistline and wear more legs.


② woolen umbrella skirt

The umbrella skirt does not pick up the figure. Whoever wear it is good -looking. The version is narrow and width. If you want to be more fashionable, you can choose an umbrella skirt with a dotted rhinestone, buttons, or a fold design of the waist. It is simple and simple to wear, which is more fashionable to wear.


③ Mao woolen grid skirt

The grid skirt has a sense of college style. It is young and temperamental. The grid skirt with a woolen material will be more textured. The gaps are similar to slender folds. With a simple grid pattern, the retro literary atmosphere is full of temperament. The color of the checkered woolen skirt is simpler, and the grid is similar to the background color of the skirt. Avoid obtrusion. Do not exceed two types of color matching, otherwise it looks too messy.

Second, the focus of the woolen skirt with

① Composite combination

Loose sweater with a straight woolen skirt, tightly matched the upper pine, highlights slender calves, and women who are walking in shape must try a wide middle and long sweater. Dowling a skirt, combined tightly, looking slim.


The upper body is equipped with a sweater and shirt, which can be equipped with a loose version of the woolen umbrella skirt. The wide skirt is covered with the waist, modifying the figure, and it is more suitable for women with thick legs. The high -waist design, stuffing the jacket in the top, is very intellectual atmosphere.

Key points: The material of the top is smooth, and has a certain texture comparison with the woolen skirt. The overall match will be more advanced.

② Same color matching

The color of the woolen skirt is darker, with low saturation, low lightness, not publicity, not vulgar, so it is very suitable for 40+ women. When matching, you can consider the same color matching, such as

Gray hair skirt with dark gray sweater

, Gray with gray and low -key,


As long as the fabric of the single product has a high texture, it will not be old -fashioned.

Caramel color, white and foreign spirit

, But it ’s not easy to match, you can try the same color system, simple and advanced. Traculose -colored wool woolen skirt with color plush sweater, the fabric has a texture change, looks very layered, but the yellow -skinned woman wants to avoid lightning.


TIPS: The material of the woolen material should be stiff, the skirt is too long, the action is unchanged, so it is recommended

You choose the length above the knee


If the skirt is longer, you can choose the style with a split design, and the clean one -size -fits knife -tolened eruption to liberate the legs.

③ Combination


Who said that a woman aged 40 or 50 must be low -key? Some design sense is high -level!


For example, a woolen skirt with a pattern must be high -level by a solid color top and coat.

In addition, the woolen skirt can bring some patterns and design sense, but the overall is still simpler, don’t be too fancy.

The skirt band double pockets, double row buttons, etc., full of design sense, the simpler the choice of other items, such as solid color bottoming shirt, simple short boots, etc., echoing with woolen skirts, simple and simple, elegant and foreign spirit Essence

TIPS: There is only one design point, either spending on the tailoring, or choosing a woolen skirt with a pattern.


Third, woolen skirt wearing demonstration

1. Minimal wind


The minimalist wind match, highlight the simple atmosphere of atmosphere, drop all the fancy design. Pure color woolen skirt with pure color coat, single tone, shallow and deep, modify body figure. Pay attention to the version, maintain the sense of lines, such as loose coats with narrow and long straight hair woolen skirts or A -line woolen skirts. The loose and tights combine to highlight the original curve change of the figure, which is high and thin.

There is no highlight of the overall match? The material is very important. For example, the woolen skirt with a coat, the material of the two items is very similar, simple and stiff, paired with small patent leather leather shoes, a little shiny, compared with the top of the top, the woolen skirt Simple!

2. Intellectual style

Intellectuality and temperament should be the pursuit of many middle -aged women. When wearing a hair dressing, in addition to paying attention to the version,

Pay more attention to color matching. The color matching has temperament, and the matching is more intellectual and elegant.


Mao woolen skirts choose brown and khaki with a little colorful low -saturated color, with light -colored tops and coats, gentle and expensive, and grasp the temperament. Note: Try to wear basic items, basic models+temperament, and more elegant to wear.


, Perform the gentleness and intellectuality to the end, the camel’s A -shaped woolen skirt, the length on the knee, exposed the slender calf skin, and the boots, the legs look thin and long. Women who are not very good can choose leather boots. Boots are a bit distance from the skin of the legs, correct the leg shape, and the legs are thin and straight.

How to wear intellectual beauty with black and white? The main point lies in the proportion distribution!

White sweater with black woolen skirt, do not five or five points! Choose a long woolen skirt with over -the -knee knees, with short sweaters, black and white two -eight points are advanced.


In addition, shoes, bags and other accessories can be selected white. There is a master, full of layers, fashionable and foreign.

3. Royal Sister Feng

Women with deep facial features and obvious facial contours can try Royal Sister Wind to wear and show a strong aura, which is convincing. The woolen skirt can choose an irregular skirt, the skirt is not uniform, more layered, and the length is near the calf. You can cover up the leg problem. Cool black, capable and neat, and the gas field is super strong!


That’s it for wearing today. Do you like the woolen skirt? Elegant and high -level and thin, you will never be wrong in autumn and winter.