With the increasingly fierce competition in custom home furnishing markets, the perfect supply chain is becoming more and more important for enterprises. On November 26th and 27th, 2018, China’s custom home supply chain micro -exhibition was held in the Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center of Pazhou Pazhou. Outstanding brands from all over the world appeared in this one.

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The event presents its own high -quality manufacturing and design to the industry audience. Taking this opportunity, we are fortunate to talk to Mr. Wu Jiaxuan, the brand and channel manager of Heidi Hardware Parts (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to understand the “Tao” of Heidi Poetry Furniture Hardware Accessories.

[Q]: In the face of fierce market competition, what is the unique competitive advantage of Heidi?

[Heidi Poetry Wu Jiayu]: All product characteristics need to start from the home needs of terminal consumers. Therefore, Heidi also summarizes the three most important consumer needs, namely to enjoy comfort, win space and feel style.

Feel the style, that is, the products of Heidi poems must realize the different concepts of the designer, and even provide inspiration to the designer to meet the consumer’s requirements for the design style. Hardware accessories solutions can be achieved before it can be achieved.

Winning space, the current living environment in China, on the one hand, how to use all spaces on the one hand, and on the other hand, how can you leave more comfortable living spaces after using space, and more “leave white” at home. Leave more space for the soul.

Enjoying comfort is that the solution of Heidi Poetry hopes to allow consumers to have a good user experience during use. For example, push -to -open opening can make consumers more convenient and pay more attention to user experience.

Although Heidi Poetry is produced by hardware accessories, and the main direct buyer is furniture producers, Heidi poems are more designed from the perspective of terminal consumers to design hardware accessories. This is not only a product that meets consumer demand, but also a product that guides home furnishings to provide consumers with more reasonable solutions. Therefore, Heidi poems summarize consumer cognition and needs into the above three points to develop corresponding products to meet their needs.

[Q]: What do you think is the status of hardware accessories in home decoration? What is the key point of Heidi poems in the localization market?

[Heidi Poetry Wu Jiayu]: Although the hardware accessories are a small part of the home, it supports the entire home from a panel to a three -dimensional home, and it is activity and has “vitality”. I believe that the accessories will not be a supporting role.

Heidi’s corporate LOGO has four colors, which represent the four spirit of the enterprise, namely quality, innovation, close to customers and reliability.

The Chinese market has developed very fast and competitive. Heidi poems take “close to customers” as a point of four important values. The key is that no matter which market Hayti poetry enters, it is necessary to understand the real needs of this market. It is necessary to fully communicate with customers and jointly discover problems with problems to solve problems.

When Heiti Poetry develops a planning layout in the Chinese market or breaks through technical difficulties, it will also fully consider the needs of Chinese actual customers, choose the appropriate product from their perspective, and provide a suitable solution. This year Heidi also made a lot of trends and solutions to share. It is also to share some better and cutting -edge trends with Chinese furniture producers, guiding them to create better products and solutions for consumers.

[Q]: What are the plans or expectations of Heidi in 2019?

[Heidi Poetry Wu Jiaxuan]: 2019 is a very important year for Heidi. The 2019 Germany Cologne is also a display at home of Heidi Poem, a hardware accessories brand from Germany. We hope to bring more furniture solutions to the concept of furniture solutions, introduce new things into the home market in China, and adhere to consistent reliability. At the same time, continue to do product innovation and quality, continue to be close to the needs of customers, and continue to be China’s

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Enterprise provides a good full range of hardware accessories solutions.