Today we found a treasure boot that was ignored from the old time. It has the unruly and handsomeness of Martin boots and knight boots, as well as the elegance and taste of Brock shoes, British leather shoes …

That’s right, today’s protagonist is–

Chelsea boots!


The last popularity of Chelsea boots has almost passed for a century. But how can we bear such a treasure boots and leave it in the dust of time?

All kinds of beautiful and fashionable Chelsea boots are arranged for you!

Question 1: What is everyone who is boasting Chelsea boots?

Chelsea boots have the following characteristics:

Low heels, pointed or round utensils, lace -free, side -by -side tight band design

The black loose band on the shoe gang has become the iconic design of Chelsea boots.

Although the trend is more replaced, Chelsea boots will change slightly on the tip of the shoe, the shaded and heels of the shoe, and its simple upper and the special elastic band design will never change.

Chelsea boots have a long history and originated in the UK. If you must follow the source, the history of Chelsea boots can be traced back to the Victorian period.

But with the development of technology and the progress of society, Chelsea boots have added other popular elements after years.

Next, let’s combine the combination of Kangcang Chelsea boots and these popular elements ~


[Popular element+Chelsea boots]

#1 Gear -shaped thick soles element+Chelsea boots

Large skeleton, round and slightly fat body must arrange the Chelsea boots design of gear rear shoe sole design


! 3 to 5 cm of gear -shaped thick sole shoes will not be bulky at all, comfortable and high on the top of the feet, it is a thin and high item ~

The choice of coats is simple and designed with a simple silhouette dark coat

With the handsome gear Chelsea boots, it is a natural handsome and domineering!


#2 Personal Color sole element+Chelsea boots

The Chelsea boots of each color sole are unique. As long as you wear it, you are a cub on the street. You must not worry about hitting his shirt with others.

The profile suit coat with yoga pants and the personality Chelsea boots with green soles, the hot European and American style can be easily worn; the woolen coat with grape color Chelsea boots is a little more elegant.

When wearing colored soles of Chelsea boots, you need to pay attention to. The best clothes are mainly colorless. Do not have extra colors.

#3 Sipper high -heeled elements+Chelsea boots


With the increasing pursuit of high and thinness, Chelsea boots have gradually abandoned the initial low heel design, and chose a high heel that can increase the height and show the charm of women.

This type of Chelsea boots is usually

The high heels of 3 to 6 cm, the heel is thin, the waterproof platform is low, and the front foot and the rear palm have a significant height difference, showing a bow shape.


Such Chelsea boots have both the elegant and sexy of high heels, but also retain the handsome and romantic atmosphere of Chelsea boots.

#4 Switching Corduroy Elements+Chelsea Boots

Initially, Chelsea boots used as knight boots are usually made of leather, but with the development of modern industry, Chelsea boots have more room for play.

This year, the Cordon Stitching Chelsea boots are very popular. Full of the splicing lines of the future technology, when encountering a low -key core velvet material, Chelsea boots have more fashion possibilities ~

Question 2: How can you match when you have a pair of Chelsea boots?

Example 1. Lamb hair coat with brown Chelsea boots

The brown -white lamb wool coat is full of casual meaning. The inside is only used with simple white bottoming. Denim cropped pants, a little combination, can combine a strong vitality.

The color of Chelsea boots echoes the leather handbag, so that the matching will not look too obtrusive, and use retro brown to add some color to your winter!


Style label: lively leisure, youthful sense

Recommended index: ❤❤❤❤❤

Example 2. Cashmere coat with black Chelsea boots

The tailoring of this cashmere coat is more feminine. Whether it is soft lines or warm colors, it has an elegant and intellectual charm.

With a small incense dress, Chelsea boots also chose to fix the cutting shape.

Almond -shaped toes are super long when they wear legs!


Style label: elegant intellectual, goddess charm

Recommended index: ❤❤❤❤

Example 3. Suit -type shoulder pad coat with pointed Chelsea boots

The exaggerated shoulder pad+obvious shoulder line makes the woolen coat tailor -cut in the suit. The flared pants with the lower body outline the bumpy body curve, the combination of hard and hard, and it is not boring.

Generally, this upper body is thick or tough coat, and the lower body lines should be light.


Therefore, the pointed high -heeled Chelsea boots with more feminine charm were selected to unexpectedly create a personality attitude ~

Style label: Europe and America Street, handsome and high -level

[Coat+Chelsea Boots Dress and Dried Dry]

(In color)

Chelsea boots must ensure clean color when matching coats.

If the clothing is a single color block, then try to choose the color block with a long square item.


If the clothing has a pattern pattern, then, then

The costumes adjacent to the pattern must be selected for pure colors, which is best to echo some colors in the pattern.

(Adjust the body)


To adjust the figure, our coat with Chelsea boots can wear more thinner temperament.

If you are just fat or fat, it is more recommended to put on the belt on the waist of the coat,

To shape a better body proportion through high waistline, thereby achieve a thin purpose.

If both upper and lower body are fat, then, then

You need to choose a loose H -shaped coat to match the Chelsea boots designed with the booty tube,

Use loose straight lines to hide the flesh.

(In terms of temperament and advancement)

For temperament and high -level sense, the combination of coats and Chelsea boots is also stuck ~

The vertical lines of the coat can better reflect the temperament, and the tailoring of the details can best show a sense of high level.

Especially in the shoulders, sleeves and clothing length.

(In terms of warmth and comfort)


Chelsea’s boots exceed the ankle, so don’t worry about keeping the ankle warm.

But when it is matched with a coat, if you want to become more warmer, it is best to choose a high -necked sweater or a scarf to protect the fragile neck.

If you are worried that a coat can’t carry the temperature in winter,

In the inside, you can choose the bottom and the slightly loose jacket.




The trend may be outdated, but the taste will not. The Chelsea boots favored by Queen Victoria, now the screening of time is more elegant and rich than before. Perhaps this pair of Chelsea boots are the treasure items that are destined to meet you!

Some people say that if you want to replace it, you must be different. Martin boots, naked boots, and knight boots have been rotten. You who have a unique but long -term Chelsea boots must be the most special one in winter ~

Recommended index: ❤❤❤❤