A few days ago, Shang Meier’s colleague took a shower and walked in a wet bathroom. She accidentally hit a cricket and almost fell.

After Shang Meier knew it, he was particularly afraid. We were working outside during the day, and our parents were alone at home.

In case of slippery, the consequences are unimaginable.

So I immediately asked the friends of Youpin Museum for help. The colleagues were super powerful, and I really found a slippers with strong non -slip performance!

Today Youpin Museum will come from the brand




Patented anti -slippers

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At first glance, it is very ordinary. After the measured, the anti -slip ability is great, and the slippery ground can be smooth and stable.

This is because this pair of shoes from the material from the material and the body of the shoe body is particularly particular about:


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The first thing must be material




The secret of the non -slip of Korri slippers is that the front and rear palms of its soles have two orange rubber with special texture.

This rubber sole has undergone professional non -slip testing. In the case of dry and wetlands, the static friction coefficient of the soles exceeds national standards.

The higher the static friction coefficient, the better the non -slip performance.

We did an experiment:

On a clean and smooth floor tile, put on the Ke Rou anti -slip slippers, and then raise the floor tiles to a certain angle. It can still hold the ground firmly and motionless.

The same floor tiles and the same angle, we found two pairs of commonly, EVA and PVC slippers for experiments, and they slipped down.

Then, we brushed a layer of edible oil on the entire floor tile to create a relatively extremely slippery ground.

On the oil field, the non -slip performance of Korri slippers in the rubber bottom is even more prominent, and the other two pairs of shoes slide all at once.


Live experiments, on the slope with a slope of 25 ° and full of oil, walking on the Kokorou non -slip slippers, it can still move forward steadily without the need for railing.


This kind of non -slip performance is too assured!

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Shoe soles are also critical

The groove cannot be just swinging

On the soles of Koyou’s non -slip slippers, this vertical and horizontal lines are called

“Diamond -shaped pattern”

, Raised small pieces to create a lot of grooves on the soles of the shoe;


The groove is deep and the depth exceeds 1mm.

This design is particularly conducive to drainage. The better the drainage performance, the more non -slip.

When people go forward, the soles of the shoe will suffer from backward friction. At this time, these raised small pieces will apply resistance to each other, which greatly enhances the grip.

The soles of the two family slippers are relatively friction, and you can feel that the resistance is particularly large and it is difficult to move.


Even shoe beds are related to non -slip

The shoe bed has pattern and drainage holes, no water

When the feet are wet, the soles of the feet and the soles will slip.

These pair of slippers are even considered by this. Two “drainage holes” are opened at the forefront to allow excess water to quickly discharge and prevent the shoe bed from accumulating water.


These two small holes are very useful.

Many people are accustomed to wearing double slippers while taking a bath. Sweet shoes that do not accumulate water and can be quickly dry can be more comfortable and safer.

Its midsole (the side of contact with the soles of the feet) is slightly scrub texture, with a parallel lines on it, which increases friction and further enhances anti -slip.


Listening to my mother said that when doing housework now, even if it is splattered on the ground, dripping water, it will not slip when it is stepped on.

Koyou’s non -skid slippers are not only professional non -slip, but also very comfortable to wear.

It has studied the foot data of more than 2,000 Chinese people. The shoes designed are in line with ergonomics. Wearing it, standing and walking for a long time is not easy to get tired.


The toe is wider than the average slippers. The male colleague’s foot and width of the forefoot are wider. After wearing it, he said that he did not squeeze his feet at all, which was particularly comfortable.

Special recommendation to prospective mothers. During pregnancy, most women will have different feet edema, and it will be much more comfortable to wear. Its excellent non -slip performance also makes the whole family feel at ease.

The shoe body is environmentally friendly EVA material. It has no odor and no plasticizer, which is very safe.


The shoe gang is integrated. The three -dimensional shoe bed design has a arc in the middle, fitting the arch, and the feet feel comfortable.

The toe is slightly upright, so that the tip of the foot will not excessively rub the ground when walking, which can prevent slipping.


The shoe body is flexible, elastic, and comfortable.

The number of code is very complete, from 35 ~ 44 yards, boys and girls are suitable for wearing.

Loose and breathable, you can wear it directly as home slippers in summer.

There are four colors to choose from.

Pink and sky blue, there are three yards: 35 ~ 36, 37 ~ 38, 39 ~ 40, suitable for most girls.


Ink green and Tibetan cyan, there are two yards: 41 ~ 42, 43 ~ 44, suitable for boys.


You can choose the normal code, fat feet


Need not


Choose a big size.

Attach two measured reports for your reference:


Colleagues A 39 yards, fat feet, wearing 39 ~ 40 yards slippers, suitable;


Colleagues B 37 yards, not fat or thin feet, wearing 37 ~ 38, suitable; 35 ~ 36 can also be worn, it feels a little tight, but it is still comfortable;


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